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Non Contact Voltage Tester A Must For Outdoor Light Maintenance Says Manufacturer Grafton Tools

Non Contact Voltage Tester Enhances Home Improvement Safety Procedures

As home improvement enthusiasts emerge from their winter hibernation to start work on the homes during the lighter evenings of a new spring, safety tool manufacturer Grafton Tools had issued advice regarding outdoor light maintenance and how a non contact voltage tester should be an integral part of everybody’s safety procedure when working with outdoor electrical supply.

Jack Watson, a spokesperson for Grafton Tools explained, “It’s the number one message at this time of year for home improvement enthusiasts. Safety, safety, safety! We know that for the most part, the people who like to do their own improvements and maintenance are very safety conscious. But there are new homeowners out there, having just come through their first winter who want to get out and start doing work at this time of year for the first time. The old pros may also be a little rusty after the winter so it’s also a good message to reinforce what they already know.

We want to put a message out about being safe when looking at work on outdoor light fittings specifically but it’s really a general call for safety across the board when you are starting work on your home. When outdoor electrical supply is involved after the winter months, you have an added risk because residual water may be involved and this can cause added dangers. So our message is simple. When deciding to work with outdoor electrical supply ALWAYS TEST FIRST. Use a non contact voltage tester to see if circuits are live and current is running. Even if you think you have cut supply at the breaker box, test again. Water and electricity do not mix and it’s one of the greatest causes of accidents around the home”

Grafton Tools is manufacturer and distributor of a Non Contact AC Voltage Tester Pen with built in LED and power shut off for detecting voltage in outlets, wires, switch plates and panels. It alerts for live current via an alarm and flashing light and is calibrated for testing between 90-1000 volts of AC current. The voltage detector also provides extra illumination for those dimly lit inaccessible places via a built in LED light. Added to this is an auto shut off capability for power conservation to ensure that when you come to use the voltage detector, you still have a working tool to hand. The pen tester can be attached to any tool belt via its pocket clip design.

Jack Watson continued, “A voltage tester should be a part of any home owners’ toolbox if they intend to do any work with electrical supply, whether it’s changing an outlet or light fitting to doing work on outdoor or porch lights. We would also stress that do not attempt any work at all unless you know what you are doing. Call a professional electrician if you are not sure.”

The Grafton Tool GT-246AC Non Contact AC Voltage Tester Pen is available exclusively on Amazon USA.


Grafton Tools is a manufacturer and distributor of safety tools for the home. Their products can be found exclusively on Amazon USA.

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