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NoVa Battles – a play to earn mobile MOBA – has launched their Public Beta and Presale

The next gem in the crypto world has just taken a huge leap forward with its development. NoVa Battles – which has been in development for just over a year now – is providing its fans with their token and game to test out. Their public beta and presale have both gone live with several prizes up for grabs to reward their fans for their loyalty and patience.

To join their beta test, you’ll need to register on their website with your email and birthday then you’ll receive your log-in credentials within 36 hours! The NoVa Battles team has placed several earning mechanisms within their beta test that allows people to get their NVA token for free.

The primary way a player can earn through the public beta is to play the game as usual and obtain trophies for winning their matches. The developers have placed a minimum reward of 10,000 NVA to the top 100 individuals on their game’s leaderboard.


Alternative ways to get their NVA tokens is through their feedback system. Players need to join their discord channel to submit bugs and recommendations and once verified; the player will receive 4,000 NVA. 

The most exciting method to earn is through picking up NVA during matches. NVA will be dropped at random intervals, random times, and during random matches. The developers will provide hints as to which matches will have a higher chance to see these drops throughout the beta test period.


IMPORTANT NOTE: please remember the email that you signed up with – it will be used to track your progress and will be linked to your NVA. You will not be able to transfer the NVA you earn in the beta to the full game without this – more on that later!

Players, investors, and fans read the step-by-step guide about purchasing NVA here:  The presale will end on the 20th of June 2022 with over 50% already sold out.


The NoVa Battles team is developing exciting new ways that players can earn their NVA token and other tokens as well. Their CEO, Lucian, has stated that “a lot is currently in the works behind closed doors, we are looking to reinvent the play to earn model”. The team has also informed us that they have already signed up to be listed on an exchange and will have a teaser related to their NoVa Souls, which are their NFTs, very soon.

To learn more about NoVa Battles and all of their updates make sure to follow them on their socials. Links can be found here 

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