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Do you like music? Yes, who does not! It is because music has the ability to change our mood, make us feel relaxed after a tiring day, and can play a positive role in our lives. However, these days, when we have a big collection of the music, it has become difficult to approach them. It is not because they are kept hidden but because we do not have the right tool for that. Now, if you want to get closer to the world of music, all you have to do is to download WeecordTV!

The WeecordTV – Music Channel is a new application that is launched for all the music fanatics. It will help you in keeping all the types of music in one place e.g. your phone. Not only music, the WeecordTV – Music Channel can also play your favorite videos, news, vlogs, and shows that are from your local home grown talent. In other words, WeecordTV – Music Channel allows you to see and listen to anything you want! The biggest problem that is faced by most of the people is that they have to ask for the suggestions and search for the best music videos to watch and the best music to listen. However, now you do not have to face this issue because the WeecordTV – Music Channel is going to tell you what is trending in the world of music and what most people are doing. You can say that the WeecordTV – Music Channel is like a bridge that is going to connect you to your type of music because if you’re into music and love genres like the hip-hop, this is the time to enjoy the music in a more fun way. To tell you the truth, this application will give you the same experience as you have while watching your favorite show or video or while listening to the best music on the TV at your place. Yes, now you may tell your friends, “Music in your Pocket”. Moving forward, the WeecordTV – Music Channel is the only application that can help you in discovering the trendy music and hits songs. You may also say that WeecordTV – Music Channel has made music video streaming really easy because you will be given a curated list of most trending, latest and popular music videos.

Those who are really into the music can understand that it is not less than a blessing to have an application that can give you so much. At the WeecordTV – Music Channel, the videos are always up to date and the application lists the most trending videos so you have a soothing music experience with Hip-hop and R&B Music. Moreover, at the WeecordTV – Music Channel,the new musicians also get the same exposure as a main stream musician.

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For more details and information about the WeecordTV – Music Channel, you may go to,, or log on to You can also download the application from the Google PlayStore.

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