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Overcoming Test Taking Anxieties Seems Easy With Coach Edwards’ “MIND Work”

Leading hypnotherapist & Motivational Speaker Rasheid Edwards has assured students to help them in improving test scores & mental clarity through his “MIND Work” that re-programs the subconscious for positive change.

Conyers,GA – 29th March, 2016 – Students freaking out over upcoming exams need not worry further – Leading hypnotherapist Coach Edwards has assured to help students in improving their test scores & mental clarity through his “MIND Work” (Mental Integration and Neuro Decompression) technology.

Edwards offers his specialized services through his site

“Test taking anxieties are common in students & such stressful situations hinder many from scoring high in their exams. But, you must understand here that all our actions & behaviors are driven by our subconscious mind and the great part is that we can bring positive changes in life by working on the subconscious. Coach Edwards motivates the students to experience desired positive changes at a subconscious level, overcoming the anxiety – which in turn nudge them steadily towards success goals”, stated a senior spokesperson from Mental Infinity.

A leading hypnotherapist, Rasheid Edwards is also a motivational speaker, author and coach. Backed by more than a decade of experience in speaking and consulting, he comes with robust know-how on mental acuity & personal development. Added to students, he also caters to teachers, professionals, business people, sports persons, youth and anybody looking for positive guidance to change his or her life.

According to the spokesperson, human beings are basically products of their perceptual environment and their behaviors mostly originate from their respective experiences gathered in life. Most anyone has the potential to bring a change in behavior by consistently performing a certain act for a minimum of 30 days which in turn becomes a habit.

“We guide our clients through 3-part procedure where you will learn, achieve & experience a positive change at a subconscious level- the main area responsible for any change or achievement in life. Coach Edwards himself specializes in transformation through ‘MIND Work’ whereby he molds the subconscious for a successful change within fraction of time.”

Edwards helps people to change their minds for a positive outlook towards life in myriad ways. Added to his hypnotherapy sessions, he also offers books, workbooks, coaching & workshops themed at transformation of mind through his “MIND Work.”

“People around are usually misled by what they see, hear and feel. Without proper instruction & teaching, average folks cannot trust their minds. The worst part is that nobody is going to accept this bitter truth. But I am here to help out those who are stuck and don’t know it as their minds play the tricks of complacency & comfort on them. Through my tested techniques and research, I put them in proper control & governance of their own faculties”, explained the coach himself.

Reputed as a dynamic & innovative speaker, Rasheid is known to leave his audience in “jaw-dropping amazement”. His lesson plans are slightly different from mundane run-of the-mill lesson plans with a creative touch yet he has promised strict compliance to best practices & standards-based instruction.

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