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Patio Garden Direct Launches Pizzello Comodo Firepit Table for Homeowners Seeking a Blend of Comfort and Style

The firepit’s safety features, convenience and versatility makes it an ideal addition to any backyard or patio

Fire pits have gradually become a popular fixture in outdoor living spaces. This is because of the fire-crackling cool-night ambience that it creates in these spaces, sending light and warmth to those gathered around it. Firepits are also bonding points in the house where family and friends have the opportunity to interact and relax, thus deepening their relationships. Patio Garden Direct is a company that understands the importance and symbolism of firepits in homes.  

Patio Garden Direct Inc. is a renowned outdoor living products manufacturer that has enjoyed global patronage owing to the expertise of its dedicated team, as well as its impeccable customer service that has surpassed the desires and expectations of its clientele over the years. In adding more feathers to their hat, Patio Garden Direct is pleased to announce the launch of the Pizzello Comodo fire pit table. The firepit table is a reiteration of Patio Garden Directs’ commitment to remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

The Pizzello Comodo is a state-of-the-art rectangular aluminum dining and pit fire table designed to revitalize outdoor living spaces. The Pizzello Comodo firepit offers unparalleled safety as it was designed using sustainable fireproof materials and an automatic thermocouple feature which prevents any fire accident. In addition, the propane-powered fire pit table has undergone series of tests before distribution to the public and is currently CSA approved, bearing the highest safety level of a burner-rated power.

The Pizzello Comodo also makes a case for convenience as its electronic ignition feature provides ease in lighting the firepit despite prevailing weather conditions. Versatility is assured since the Pizzello Comodo doubles as a dining table with ample room to host family gatherings and enjoy meals as in the dining room or in a backyard setting. Furthermore, homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts who are seeking to elevate their outdoor living experience have the chance to do so as the Pizzello Comodo fire pit table is easy to set up and includes all necessary accessories required for enjoying meals and family bonding times, owing to the presence of a removable lid, waterproof cover, and fire glass beads. Its size also allows for both dining and relaxation, making it a versatile choice for any outdoor space.

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About Patio Garden Direct Inc.

Patio Garden Direct continues to set the pace in the manufacturing industry since its inception. The newly launched Pizzello Comodo fire pit table by the outdoor living manufacturing company was designed for individuals who enjoy hosting outdoor gatherings with friends and family and for those who simply want to enjoy their outdoor space.

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