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Paul Ponna Official Website and Blog Goes Live

“Paul Ponna”

Online entrepreneur and internet marketing expert Paul Ponna helps businesses and people from all walks of life transform their revenue by strategizing and implementing the latest cutting edge tools and resources. Everyone who use the by utilizing the power of the internet and achieve true financial freedom. Paul is the pioneer and evangelist of the Create, Inspire and Launch formula that has helped tens of thousands of people around the world launch successful online businesses over the past 10 years.

Paul started his online venture when he was 16 years old with a starting capital of just $20 for a domain name and hosting account. This was in the year 2002 where he created the first and the biggest sports highlights and news website in Canada that utilized breakthrough technologies in video compression and video marketing technologies for dial up internet users which accounted for majority of web users.

Starting and learning everything from scratch he applied unique and cutting edge traffic generation methods to drive traffic to his sports website. He also used monetization methods such as banner ads, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and CPA lead generation to grow the website revenues by 1000% month-over-month. This was before the advent of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms we see today and take for granted. He later sold this website and platform to pay for his University tuition.

While at university he realized that what he learned and applied in the real world of online business, was not being taught in university. In fact, what was being taught was old and out dated information for Paul Ponna and processes that would not work as well in the fast-paced online world.

Paul went on to start his own software company and worked every single minute of his free time building it while going to university. With only 3 hours of free time per day and after a few failures, he realized the importance of time management, motivation, and productivity. He studied every single book and bought every single course on becoming successful on online success. Within 2 years after starting his new software company, he built a 7 figure business from his college dorm room.

After receiving requests from close friends and customers of his software business to reveal the secrets of his success, he finally began teaching and sharing his internal software tools and technologies with the general public in 2007. Even during the biggest financial recession in recent memory, Paul and many of his customers built successful six and seven figure recession-proof online businesses.

Paul enjoys internet marketing and the intricacies of it and since it has transformed his life forever, he has a passion to teach it to others willing to change their lives. He strongly believes that the 21st century is the greatest century ever for ANYONE to succeed because you can start an online business for just $20 or less and get your message, product or service out to the entire world. With just a little assistance, coaching, mentorship and the right knowledge virtually anyone can succeed on the internet. This was never possible at any other time in history where only a select few had the resources, contacts or money to succeed as entrepreneurs.

He is often known to say “Even if I do not get paid a single cent for it, I would still do it because I have passion for online entrepreneurship and have lots of fun learning new things and applying them to my businesses as well as consulting and training small businesses, entrepreneurs and even people from all walks of life harness the power of online marketing.”

We at specialize in the full lifecycle of online marketing. Right from product creation, product launch, outsourcing, technical troubleshooting, branding, online advertising, lead generation, sales generation, conversion tracking and analysis.

This is important because often times all you need is a little push, just a little guidance, coaching or assistance in one aspect of your business to build a six figure business or grow your business to 7 figures and beyond. The problem that everyone faces is, all teachers and courses focus on a cookie-cutter approach for online success. They never focus on a more customized approach that finds and eliminates the specific constraints you are facing that is stopping you from succeeding. Since we have the experience of helping tens of thousands of people over the past 9 years, we have the experience to find the constraints you are currently facing and help you succeed.

We recommend you to join Paul Ponna’s newsletter at: to get free training webinars, tips, strategies and daily motivation you need to succeed. Often times, all it takes is just that one little step forward, to face your fears and find the greatness hidden within you. We are happy to assist you for FREE through our newsletter, training webinars, and videos.

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