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PBC Communications is Offering Telecom Opportunity & Risk Assessment to Businesses in Canada and the US

Rob Whitzman and the team at PBC Communications Inc. are helping Canadian businesses identify IT and Telecom Opportunities and Risks to create Business Resilience Plans

Telecom risks threaten to tear apart organizations globally. They present an enormous challenge and frequently go unchecked, especially in the telecommunications area. Canadian business owners, like their counterparts from around the world, face the same challenges but typically do not have access to the resources that can help them secure, identify, and plan for their technological vulnerabilities.

The IT industry is a complex and ever-changing field, and PBC Communications is helping businesses keep on top of Technology-related issues without fuss. 

PBC Communications was founded over a decade ago by Rob Whitzman from the realization that many Telecom provider’s clients were paying premium prices and presenting inaccurate billing that seemed to frequently favor the providers. PBC knows that there is frequently a gap between the standard IT skillset and the knowledge needed to interpret complex Telecom bills, contracts, and processes. He knew that PBC in cooperation with an IT team can resolve these issues. Since the establishment of the company, Rob, and the team at PBC Communications have consistently saved clients 35% on their telecom bills.  

While working on a telecom balance sheet and continuing to find lost revenue, the team at PBC realized that “cost savings” is only the tip of the iceberg. After all, a less expensive solution is a small part of the overall solution.

“PBC offers a holistic view on telecom strategy and risk assessment,” explained Rob Whitzman, CEO of PBC Communications. “By using the PBC method, we can create a comprehensive analysis that aligns the organization’s goals and objectives to the technical needs of your company, rather than just picking a solution recommended by a vendor. This addresses the needs of all the stakeholders, many of whom are frequently not involved. PBC provides great value and not just a Band-Aid solution that will help you weather the storm and stick around for the long haul.” 

Committed to providing innovative services and solutions, PBC Communications have refined its services to address many risk domains such as Corporate Reputational Risk, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Revenue Reassignment. Their approach identifies unified solutions to address an organization’s needs rather than creating a silo-by-silo solution. PBC helps to design a Telecom-specific Risk Resilience strategy for the technology workspace by offering an in-depth analysis targeted at executive leadership.  

PBC’s audits go beyond the scope of Telecom and integrate with the IT environment (Processes, Projects, Systems, and Application Development) suited for each company’s specific needs. 

In addition, organizations looking for audit co-sourcing can rely on PBC Communications’ services to fill short or long-term gaps.

With PBC Communications and Rob Whitzman’s expertise, businesses and institutions will be afforded the leverage of focusing on positive business outcomes rather than risk impacts. For more information, please visit  

About PBC Communications 

PBC Communications has redirected millions of dollars of spend and prevented countless disasters from taking place by understanding the wants and needs of its clients and being able to set them on the best course moving forward. PBC Communications was founded by Rob Whitzman who is armed with a B.Sc. [Physics Major] and Honours B.Sc. [Computing & Computer Electronics] from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Rob embarked on a two-decade career gaining experience and expertise across many facets of IT from Custom Software Development, network administration, and IT planning and management. He is a dedicated family man and committed to providing his client’s great customer service and value as the owner of PBC Communications.

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