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Premiala Releases BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush

Extensive use of stainless steel promises high performance

Premiala BBQ and Kitchenware today announced the release of its latest product, the Premiala Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush. The brush will be a companion to Premiala’s other BBQ products – its Stainless Steel Meat Injector, and its Heat-Resistant Kevlar BBQ Gloves.

“Our Grill Brush is the result of months of development”, Premiala General Manager Greg Carder said today.  “Grill cleaning brushes are not a new idea, but we’ve brought together the best features of many different brushes, added our own innovations and then constructed the product using higher quality materials than anyone else to make this the best grill cleaning brush available.  We’re confident BBQ users will love this product and look forward to sharing it with them”.

The biggest feature Premiala tout is the exclusive use of stainless steel for all the metal brush components.  Most brush manufacturers use galvanized mild steel for the brush structure, but Premiala claim to be the only manufacturer using food-safe 304-grade stainless steel for the structure of the brush, and 201-grade stainless steel for the bristles.

“Galvanized mild steel causes problems when washing the brush after use”, Carder explained.  “Water gets trapped between the bristles and the frame and eats through the galvanized coating, leading to rusting of the base metal. The outcome is even worse if the brush is cleaned in the dishwasher, as the heat and chemicals quickly cause corrosion across the whole brush frame.  This wasn’t acceptable for us, so we tested many steel types and selected 304-grade for the structure (for its purity), and 201-grade for the bristles (for its toughness).  While this makes it a more expensive brush, we feel this combination of materials will give users the best experience and make this a serious investment, not a disposable consumer good.”

Premiala’s Stainless Grill Brush is 45cm (18”) in length and employs a triple-head design which allows it to clean a wider area of the grill than single-head brushes.  Triple the amount of bristles also means three times longer lifespan, as each set of bristles is only doing a third of the work.  Premiala have also added an alignment clamp to the three brush heads to ensure the brush heads remain in line under heavy load.

The brush also includes a stainless steel hook loop at the end of the handle, a thick ribbed handle design for easier grip and a useful storage bag.

About Premiala BBQ and Kitchenware:Premiala BBQ and Kitchenware aims to provide premium quality BBQ and kitchen tools to home and professional users.  It believes better health and well-being can be achieved by using premium tools, by providing superior results and greater user satisfaction while working.

                 Overview of the Premiala Grill Brush

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