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14 Mar, 2016 –, a well known real estate website in Singapore now provides updated details about the HDBs available in the country for sale or for rent. As a Singaporean, you will agree that more than 80% of the population reside in HDB flats. These flats are very affordable and are a great find for those who are on the lookout for a decent housing option. HDBs are a great find for people belonging to middle income range or high salaried group as they have lots of facilities.

If you are on the lookout of a perfect investment then buying a new HDB flat is a wise decision. Buying a home is a life changing decision for all families as it can offer financial security and helps them stay happy. The site at helps people to have an edge while searching for a perfect property and to make a well informed decision while purchasing a property. Even though there are many home options available in Singapore like condominiums or condos, people prefer HDB flats as these houses are affordable and are built with high quality materials to give you the best value for money. You will reap a lot of benefits while purchasing a new HDB flat as it is very affordable, requires less amount of cash upfront, is available for rent or for sale and is available at affordable range.

The site of is the perfect find for those of you who wish to invest in a property, land, commercial properties, HDB flats, condominiums and apartments. You can also find the best agents for buying a home in a specific Singaporean area by using the agent directory section. You can click on the link of this site to find various types of HDB flats, condos or homes in the country within the budget you have.

The website has listed different properties and several home types with detailed information about each along with high quality picture to help you know its details extensively. The comprehensive list would guide you to some of the best properties and homes available in some of the prominent regions that have an upscale property value to make your choice a worthwhile investment. The list of HDB flats listed at this site are located in popular housing areas that have highly developed neighbourhoods with facilities like schools, food courts, restaurants, colleges, markets, shopping malls, super markets, health care facilities and other entertainment centres. You can find HDB flats for sale or for rent based on your convenience and can choose from various options like 5 bedroom HDBs, 4 bedrooms to 1 bedroom HDB flats. The site also mentions the details of HDB like the built up area, fully or partially furnished, transport facilities available near it etc to help you decide on a better one swiftly.

About has helped many Singaporeans, foreigners and expatriates to find their dream homes or investment properties by updating their website. They maintain a vast database with complete listings that are updated regularly to enable you make well informed decisions.

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