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Roger’s Plumbing’s Hiring Process Brings Trusted And Reliable Technicians To Their Business

Roger’s Plumbing hires technicians who are drug tested, bondable, and insured.

Austin, Texas – The hiring process for plumbing technicians differs from plumbing service company to plumbing service company. For some, the hiring process could be as simple as showing that you have the ability to perform the tasks that the job requires. Roger’s Plumbing takes this to another level. Roger’s Plumbing has decided that there is more that goes into a reliable and trustworthy technician than just their skills alone. Because of the advanced hiring process at Roger’s Plumbing, the plumbing company has been able to attain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, continual positive customer feedback, and a proven customer retention rate.

The technicians at Roger’s Plumbing are not only highly trained in the recent practices and codes of plumbing repair and maintenance, but they are also drug screened before being hired by the plumbing company. This is an extra step that Roger’s Plumbing takes to make sure that the technicians that are employed by them are of the top most quality. Roger’s Plumbing believes that their technicians should be all-around clean technicians to further the trust and reliability that customers have in the company. The clients of this plumbing company can be assured that upright citizens are entering their homes when they are utilizing the services of Roger’s Plumbing.

The technicians that are employed by Roger’s Plumbing are also bondable. This means the technicians of Roger’s Plumbing are trusted and able to be self-insured against any damages or accidents that may happen during plumbing repair, installation, or maintenance. This gives the clients of Roger’s Plumbing another angle of protection from mishaps that may occur. Roger’s Plumbing gives its clients many ways to rely upon proper and professional service.

Even after the hiring process, the technicians of Roger’s plumbing still have requirements that makes them some of the most professional technicians in the area. They are required to drive the professional plumbing service trucks provided by the company and are not allowed to smoke, drink, or chew tobacco in the homes of their clients. The technicians of Roger’s Plumbing also have a uniform that can easily reflect their association the service company.

The servicemen of Roger’s plumbing use the latest state of the art tools and the most advanced methods for the job at hand. Their money back guarantee shows that Roger’s Plumbing stands by their work and the clients they serve. They also use a Straight Forward Pricing Guide so that the client knows exactly what they are paying for before the work is done.

Roger’s Plumbing is a family company in which the owner, Roger L. Patterson, is still very active in conducting everyday business. They have served the greater Austin area for many years and the high demand for professionalism that they place on their technicians makes them unlike many other plumbing companies in business. Roger’s Plumbing proves their commitment to bringing the best in plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance through the investment they put into their workers.

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