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Sarah Singh from Splatt Lawyer has been Appointed to the Prestigious Queensland Law Society Committee

Eleven years after being admitted as a junior lawyer, Splatt Lawyers’ Sarah Singh has been admitted to the Accident Compensation TORT Law committee of the Queensland Law Society. The state’s representative body for the legal profession. 

“I am humbled to have the opportunity to join a prestigious committee with so many experienced lawyers and provide a regional voice for the North Queensland community,” Ms Singh said. 

“I am excited to be working with knowledgeable practitioners of compensation law who are championing the rights of Queenslanders regarding TORT law, which means we are protecting their common law rights,” she said. 

Defending the rights of others has been the driving force behind Ms Singh’s legal career since the beginning. 

“I chose to become a personal injury lawyer to represent and safeguard the rights of the hardworking people in my local community. Particularly when they’re vulnerable, injured and unable to find the strength to speak up for themselves.”

While Ms Singh has experienced several career highlights, she said a memorable highlight for me was having a complex claim accepted after initially being rejected by the Queensland Industrial Relations Committee. 

“It took five days in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and over a year of pushing to finally get it to that point, and we eventually received a judgment from the commissioner allowing my client access to his workers’ compensation entitlements.”

Another career highlight was supporting a woman who had been bullied out of her workplace and again was told she was unable to access her benefits. It took many gruelling months of legal work and championing her rights before I gave her the great news. She could her deserved entitlements.

“Having lived in Townsville for most of my life, I was pleased to be appointed President of the Townsville District Law Association, which has given me the opportunity to connect with numerous community members, both in the legal profession and many other industries.”

There have been challenges too though, she said, such as juggling home life and the law. 

“Like many working women, sometimes it’s tough to find a balance between being a lawyer, mother and wife whilst also finding some much-needed time for myself,” she said. 

“Another challenge is ensuring that regional clients are properly heard and that the ‘new norm’ of video conferencing does not become the ‘status quo’ and that members of our local community get the same opportunities as those living in the city.

Throughout her years in the industry, Ms Singh said she’s seen a lot of changes. 

“Probably the biggest is dealing with legal matters via email and electronically rather than by post,” she said. A legal argument that took weeks or months, can now be sorted in a few days using email.

Ms Singh said she wanted to join the Queensland Law Society Accident Compensation and TORT Law committee to help ensure the rights of injured people are protected and that the area in which she practised was working as best as it could for everyone involved.

“I also wanted to ensure that a regional voice was given to the committee,” she said. “I value the opportunity to learn from other leading practitioners about how we can work together to ensure that the law relating to this area is as good as it can be and that injured claimant’s rights are protected.”


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