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ScoutUS Pro Launches with Athletes, Coaches and Agents from Major League Baseball, Soccer, MMA and Boxing on Leadership Team and Advisory Board

ScoutUS Pro Launches with Athletes, Coaches and Agents from Major League Baseball, Soccer, MMA and Boxing on Leadership Team and Advisory Board
“Major League Baseball has given me a fantastic career with seasons playing for the Phillies, Dodgers, and the White Sox. There are amazing athletes out there, waiting to be discovered, and ScoutUS Pro has been able to join tech and sports to make sure more of those great athletes reach their dreams,” MLB Legend Jimmy Rollins.

ScoutUS Pro Is One of The Most Technologically Advanced Athlete Scouting Platforms on the Market

– Eliminating Traditional Scouting Barriers

– Gives Emerging Athletes Ability to ‘Be Discovered’ From Anywhere in the World at Anytime

Los Angeles, CA – November 2, 2022 – ScoutUs Pro, the most technologically advanced athlete scouting platform on the market, announced today its launch as well as its leadership staff and advisory board consisting of athletes, coaches, and agents from Major League Baseball, professional soccer, MMA and boxing.

The ScoutUS Pro app, available on the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android), allows emerging athletes to instantly download videos and information into a database. It then allows scouts to discover and connect with those athletes from anywhere around the world, at any time, right from the palm of their hands. It can also help professional athletes to connect with opportunities across the globe.

Until now, scouts were required to physically travel from country to country to identify, meet and sign talent – a time consuming, inefficient, and costly process that didn’t guarantee success.

The ScoutUs Pro website and app has been created to solve this problem. ScoutUS Pro will also focus on linking scouts with emerging athletes from under-represented countries around the world.

What professional athletes are saying about ScoutUs Pro:

“The unbelievable experiences that I am having thanks to my soccer career will truly stay with me forever. Just a few weeks ago, I walked onto the field at Wembley to fireworks and a crowd like no other – that’s why I am partnering with ScoutUS Pro because I want to help emerging athletes around the world reach their goals and hopefully have experiences like I am having.” – Sofia Huerta, Professional soccer player

“I was recruited by only one team out of high school. I battled my way to the majors and was lucky enough to pitch for the LA Dodgers and the New York Yankees. I always wondered why this process was so difficult, so time-consuming, and, to a certain extent, unfair. ScoutUS Pro will level the playing field. I am proud to be associated with it.” – Corey Wade, Former MLB Pitcher 

“Breaking into professional sports is not easy. It shouldn’t be. But, if you have talent, if you have passion, if you have drive, you shouldn’t be blocked because a scout can’t get to you. ScoutUS Pro is unlike any other technology in the world that it breaks down the final barrier between players athletes and scouts and will help athletes across the globe.” – Brad Friedel, World Cup veteran and current soccer coach 

“Scouts rarely came to see my high school team in Los Angeles. I was only discovered because there was a fantastic pitcher on my team, and they accidently saw me. That lead to a 9-year MLB career with the San Francisco Giants. ScoutUS Pro will make sure all athletes have a fighting chance and will make sure they don’t have to rely on accidental sightings.” – Marvin Benard, MLB veteran

“From baseball, bodybuilding to martial arts, sports is my life! Scout Us Pro is the way to make athlete’s dream come true. For those who have drive, this is it!” – Ken Yasuda (Pro-Bodybuilding Champ. Mr. Japan and current coach/trainer MLB, Olympics, WWE, UFC athletes)

The leadership positions and advisory board include former professional athletes, scouts and coaches including:

Major League Baseball

  • Jimmy Rollins – 17 seasons in the MLB. 2007 National League MVP.
  • Cory Wade – Former pitcher with NY Yankees and LA Dodgers.
  • Reggie Smith – Former MLB player with Boston Red Sox, St Louis Cardinals, LA Dodgers, SF Giants.
  • Lazaro Diaz – MLB umpire since 1999.
  • Marvin Benard – Former outfielder with SF Giants, Chicago White Sox and Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Scott Leventhal – Baseball Agent representing over 60 players.


  • Sofia Huerta – Professional soccer player.
  • Alex Chater – General Manager, Soccer Program for IMG Academy.
  • Brad Friedel – Current coach and professional soccer goalie for 23 seasons.
  • Carlos Hermosillo – Minister of the Mexican National Sporting policy, former member Mexican National Team.


  • Frank Silva – Owner of Silva Boxing MMA.
  • Shaddai Noe Godoy Monarrez – President of JD Promotions.
  • Roberto Diaz – Vice President Golden Boy Promotions.
  • Ken Yasuda – Current coach MLB, Olympics, WWE, UFC. Former bodybuilding champ and Mr. Japan.

ScoutUS Pro is the brainchild of Alex Nehorayan, an entrepreneur and real estate developer, and his son Jonah Nehorayan, a sports management professional who studied under former LA Dodger General Manager Ned Colletti.

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About ScoutUs Pro

ScoutUs Pro is a first-of-its-kind athlete scouting platform that connects athletes and scouts with players who have never been seen before around the world. Building efficiencies in time and budget into the scouting process, ScoutUs Pro allows athletes globally to upload data and video content from their mobile phones. Scouts can seamlessly review data and film to identify players meeting their needs and build trackable databases of players. Founded by professional athletes and top business executives, ScoutUs Pro is available for iOS in the Apple App Store and Android in the Google Play Store.

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