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Security Matters (SMX) Technology Is A Game Changer To Enhancing Homeland Security And Supply Chain Integrity ($SMX)

Security Matters (SMX) Technology Is A Game Changer To Enhancing Homeland Security And Supply Chain Integrity ($SMX)
Enhanced focus on the homeland security market adds to the billion-dollar sectors already in SMX crosshairs

SMX (Security Matters) PLC (NASDAQ: SMX; SMXWW) and its stock present an investment opportunity best described as too good to ignore. That’s not an overzealous assessment, either; it’s evidence-based. Consider this: trading at roughly $0.13 at the time of this writing, SMX’s market cap is less than its revenue run rate, does not factor in a compelling and unrivaled IP portfolio, and fails to recognize that SMX technology can and likely will become a significant and critically important contributor to ensuring supply chain transparency and enhance weapons arsenals to fortify global and individual country homeland security in a non-lethal way.

That combination puts SMX in the right place with the right technology at the right time. Remember, from a homeland security perspective, fighting against active boots on the ground is far less common than battling attacks through supply chain infiltration. And the consequences of the latter can be devastating. Remember, the vast profits made without supply chain checks and balances often support illicit activities. Not just those related to underground markets dealing in illegal products, either. Dollars made also support global terrorism, an area of concern needing no introduction to most. The worst part is that these dollars are raised daily through conventional manufacturing and transporting channels. 

While that result has been hard to stop, it’s no longer impossible. Thank SMX for that. They market precisely the type of technological asset needed to combat supply chain deficiencies and thwart untoward intentions. Doing so does more than expose the compelling value proposition; for growth stock investors, SMX’s abilities support the thesis that the path of least resistance for its shares is higher. That presumption is more than warranted; it’s justified.

Unparalleled Invisible Marking Technology 

In fact, the supporting evidence is overwhelming. At the core of SMX is its innovative invisible marking technology that digitizes physical objects. Those who understand it know that it can be vital to fostering a circular and closed-loop economy by improving supply chain transparency, traceability, and sustainability. That includes providing the means for businesses to securely track and manage the lifecycle of their products, ensure authenticity, and prove compliance with environmental and ethical standards. SMX is unique in offering that ability. And that’s created a pathway for SMX to focus beyond becoming more than just a vital player in supply chain management and material verification processes; it’s opened doors of opportunity in the homeland security market.

That’s a relatively close leap from its initial core focus and could be as valuable. After all, protecting elements of supply chain integrity is crucial in the battle to protect borders, civilians, and infrastructure. SMX knows this. This has led to its increased focus on maximizing revenue-generating opportunities related to homeland security, including work to expand its service reach to ensure that the production and movement of goods combine robust, irrefutable physical protection supported by blockchain inclusions. Its invisible marking technology, which is read easily by scanners, provides that. And it may be the most effective, efficient, and cost-effective way to protect supply chains by verifiying material movements of goods in times of market normalcy and, more importantly, in times of conflict.

SMX is more than unique in providing that capability; it’s also timely in its opportunities. Reports by Straits Research indicate that investments made to enhance homeland security are experiencing substantial growth, driven by an imperative need to address contemporary global security challenges. 

For instance, in responding to security threats, the United States’s budget allocation for homeland security will likely eclipse the $49.8 billion spent in 2021, highlighting its commitment to countering immersive threats. That’s just the United States. Billions more are in play from other countries, many of which have an immediate need to bolster national security infrastructures. Time is indeed a factor. 

Responding To Global Threats And Security Challenges

Headlines continue to show that the number of terrorist attacks, border conflicts, illegal immigration, smuggling, and human trafficking are increasing at an alarming pace. These events have more than influenced a defensive response; they’ve necessitated them through a more robust and comprehensive approach to national security. At the same time, it increases the market size and revenue-generating potential for SMX. 

That’s more good news for SMX, noting it’s ideally positioned, with the right type of technology, to capitalize. Remember that the most reliable defense can be accurate information, a critical component of homeland security considering the increasing reliance on digital infrastructure and data. Requiring verifiable data stems from different inputs, but the end product doesn’t vary- it needs truth. North America’s dominance in the homeland security market is attributed to military modernization programs, national security investment, and major defense manufacturers’ presence. The Asia-Pacific region’s growth is driven by the need for better naval security, government safety initiatives, and the adoption of new technologies, with increased government investment and efforts to safeguard internal security to support Europe’s market growth. That’s a lot. But it boils down to the need for reliable and verifiable information to make the gears work together.

SMX technology provides that measurable assistance, which opens doors to business opportunities in many segments of the homeland security market, including Border Security, Maritime Security, Aviation Security, Critical Infrastructure Security, Cyber Security, Mass Transportation Security, Law Enforcement, and CBRN Security. Even that long list isn’t exhaustive. And SMX is wasting no time capitalizing on its opportunities.

They have announced deals and/or partnerships with Continental, which could lead to deal-making discussions with Goodyear (NasdaqGS: GT) and/or Bridgestone Corp (OTC Other: BRDCY). SMX has also scored agreements with the Perth Mint, the North American Flame Retardant Alliance (NAFRA), LVMH Métiers d’Art (OTC: LVMHF), and the Israeli Cotton Board. Remember that these companies’ interests go beyond what many people know them as from the surface. In other words, Continental is more than just a rubber and tire company; its security interests can go well beyond verifying and authenticating materials for production. The same goes for other companies needing to protect brand integrity. Know this, though- the ramifications of not participating in every part of homeland security efforts can make a company a weak link to the entirety of the mission. No company wants that award. 

Groundwork Puts Significant Other Markets In-Play 

SMX can make sure that doesn’t happen. And not just for those companies mentioned. The groundwork completed provides SMX with a pathway to tremendous revenue-generating opportunities from the digital assets sector, potentially with sector companies like RIOT Platforms (Nasdaq: RIOT), Marathon Digital (Nasdaq: MARA), and CleanSpark (Nasdaq: CLSK). Due to their sector-user’s anonymity and ease of transfer, digital assets can significantly threaten global homeland security defenses. Food and beverage companies, especially those doing business globally, like Pepsi (NYSE: PEP), Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), and others, must also join the fight to ensure supply chain integrity. Those behemoths do billions of dollars in transactions yearly, many of which could be compromised by supply chain vulnerabilities. In some way relevant to its means, every company can and should ally on the side of homeland protection.

If they turn to SMX for help, realizing they are the only game in town to provide its specialized technology, an already impressive pace of revenue growth can accelerate, perhaps leading to exceeding the $5 million contract with R&I Trading of New York announced last month. That could get additional help from TrueGold Consortium, a wholly-owned asset that in 2024 is expected to contribute more value than at any time in its history. While those are definite value drivers, there’s one that stands out. 

Particularly the one showing that SMX is unique in what it provides to ensure supply chain, manufacturing, and security measures integrity. There is no known similar technology that is as proven and durable and can invisibly validate product life cycles from raw material to finished goods to recycling. And the use applications are vast, including marking metals, oils, fabrics, rubber, and plastics. As important, this marking can’t be destroyed, instead becoming a permanent part of that product’s DNA, providing companies throughout the supply chain buying, selling, or mining products the most efficient and reliable means of identifying where products started, where they went, and how they will be reused in their new life cycle. That’s the value driver that can’t be under-appreciated or undervalued. However, based on the current SMX share price, both appear almost entirely neglected. 

Still, that disconnect can tighten after SMX announced hiring a new CFO, launched an initiative to enhance other focuses, including recycling processes, and successfully closed a $2.9 million public offering. These developments should be attracting more attention than they’re getting, noting they combine to position SMX better than at any time in its history to capitalize on and maximize near-term market opportunities. 

A Sum Of Its Parts Appraisal

In fact, more than position SMX well, they accelerate an already ambitious mission in progress. The most excellent part about SMX’s progress is that developments are accretive, meaning that the recent decline in share price may result more from small-cap sector weakness than company-specific. That’s not necessarily bad news since it exposes an investment proposition below ground-floor levels. At $0.13, it’s bargain basement. 

From an investor’s perspective, the best news is that SMX provides the tangibles to support the bullish thesis. Since the start of 2024, SMX has provided investors with multiple reasons to exploit share price weakness, including revenue growth, a strengthened management team, and expansion into new markets. The sum of those parts is undeniably attractive. That’s not all. 

Confident guidance supports the expectations that while 2023 was a significant growth period from an intrinsic perspective, 2024 can be transformational by harnessing the inherent potential of that work and leveraging the value of a game-changing technology that should be earning front-page headlines daily. By the way, earning that print may happen faster than many think. 

After all, SMX is a case study proving that ingenuity, not annihilation, can be more effective in winning the global war against terrorism and supply chain destruction. The value of that contribution can potentially translate to exponential near—and long-term growth for SMX and, more likely than not, a bullish ride for its investors.


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