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Serious Distribution: Armelion 1 ”Old Head Always Wins”

“This is all about the music and what comes with the music. Therefore, my job will be to create the music. The music by Armelion 1 is as great of a passion by anybody on anything. Therefore, all I can ask is to give the music a chance to be great. A chance”

South Carolina Based Entertainment Company Serious Distribution Announced The Release Of Armelion 1’s Hit Single “Old Head Always Wins” Scheduled To Release Worldwide 7/15/2016 On All Major Digital Outlets.

“I feel like my music is powerful enough to be on the top tier of the greatest records ever,” said Armelion 1.

“I am honored to have such a talented client on our 2016 Client Roster,” said Dr. Charles Lester President.

The artist goes by many aliases or nicknames going by the point of his life. This transition the artist likes to carry himself as the The Greatest. The lyrics are with taste, the instrumentals great as usual, and the vocals are unmatched. This causes a recipe in music that will make the music great given anybody gives a decent shot for it to be great. Therefore, all Armelion 1 can ask for in this life in his greatest passion in the world is a shot for his music to be great. A shot is all he asks. The music currently has a chess move record called you which is brilliantly passionate and a record like Eminem’s lose yourself.

Also, the latest record “Old Head Always Wins” is one of my previous written’s and comes from a place who lets people know who Armelion 1 is. One more record will be released before the grand moves are made. The grand moves is what Armelion 1 is currently working on. The grand moves of the song with the chance to make it the greatest record released. The artist wants to humbly and reasonably despite the success create the greatest records. The artist will discuss the details to the record with professionals but putting on biography may be giving too much. The only hindrance on success is a budget. The budget and promotion is the only thing lacking from a traditional success story of billboards. However, the artist is looking for much more success than the typical billboard charts. 

Purchase Worldwide 7/15/2016

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About Armelion 1

The biography on Armelion 1 may have loopholes but the music doesn’t. Armelion 1 is an artist living in Los Angeles, California from Hoktemberyan, Armenia. The artist is fairly aged with 23 years old but very prepared on the music industry. The artist is fairly good looking and doesn’t feel inferior to anybody. However, the artist is somewhat shy and quiet but has a side that loves putting on an energetic show. Therefore, the artist Armelion 1 loves being with energy and confidence. However, the artist Armelion 1 is battling two mental illnesses and has throughout his life. However, that doesn’t stop Armelion 1 from being The Greatest he is to be. 

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