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Shadows of Silver: The Mystery of Six Mile Canyon by Patricia Redican

Shadows of Silver: The Mystery of Six Mile Canyon by Patricia Redican

VIRGINIA CITY, Nev. – “Terror in Six Mile Canyon”, a mystery action-adventure book by Patricia Redican follows the story of Rebecca Ackerman a woman who will fight tooth and nail to seek justice from her family’s aggressors and head-to-head with their rivals over a plot of lands.  

Thanks to Sheriff Tom Ackerman, the man they thought was responsible for terrorizing her father and brother is now in jail.  But before an investigation can even begin, the key witness is beaten up and left for dead. Apparently, someone is still after the gold Rebecca’s father found on his property in Six Mile Canyon.  

Set in Virginia City, Nevada, known for its silver ore and gold rush, and known as a mining boomtown sets the stage for an engaging story that explores the depths of human nature. Readers will get a front-seat view of Rebecca’s life, and the people around her, the troubles she encounters along the way. 

“Terror in Six Mile Canyon”, book is embroiled in intrigue that involves Rebecca’s friend Vicky, and Vicky’s new housemate Amy, who is acting so suspiciously around them. As the story progresses Vicky and Rebecca go missing, searching for them is Tom and Steven. But will they be found before time runs out?  

Along the way, Tom and Steven will encounter ghostly miners and a one-hundred-year-old ghost named Lorelei, who will also play a part in bringing the villains to justice. The stage is set for a suspenseful and morally complex tale of ambition, desperation, and choices that will resonate with readers. There’s excitement waiting around every turn in Terror in Six Mile Canyon! 

Will Rebecca get out of her dilemmas? The author expertly explores the depths of the human psyche and the significant impact of choices on individuals and those around them. “Terror in Six Mile Canyon” is Patricia Redican’s second book in a two-part series. 

“Terror in Six Mile Canyon” 

By Patricia Redican 

Kindle | $6.99 

Paperback | $13.99 

Hardcover | $20.99 

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers

About the Author 

Patricia Redican has lived in the Virginia City, Nevada, area for thirty-seven years and has been married thirty-four of those to an avid hunter and outdoorsman. They have two grown children and three grandchildren, six mules (seven counting her husband), three dogs, and two cats. Now retired after thirty-five years of public service, Patricia lived in a solar-powered log cabin. Jaunts into the hills, visits to the historical town of Virginia City, and a wildly active imagination inspired this story to be born. 

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