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Smart Sensor Devices develops intelligent air quality monitoring IoT sensors

Smart Sensor Devices develops intelligent air quality monitoring IoT sensors
Air quality monitoring solution for monitoring and improvement of indoor air quality

Sollentuna, Sweden – July 07, 2022 – Air quality monitoring devices measure the levels of CO2 and other particles harmful to health. Now, with the smart air quality sensor HibouAir, it is possible to know the air we breathe. This device has been developed by Smart Sensor Devices, as a solution for monitoring and improvement of indoor air quality.

Through HibouAir, it is possible to know in the real-time concentration of different elements in the air such as CO2 or PM; volatile organic compounds (VOC), and other parameters such as humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure & light level that affect the ambient environment around us. This reading could be helpful to mitigate the probability of the spread of COVID-19.

“Our innovative Air quality monitoring device is smart and energy-efficient which helps to address the growing concerns on indoor air quality. Thanks to its compact size, easy assembly, stability and accuracy, HibouAir will surely help its users from serious health risk posed by air pollution and promote healthy, safe, and comfortable environment.” – said Axel Hammar Founder & CEO of Smart Sensor Devices.

There are several solutions provided by HibouAir for different types of users – personal and business. Users can pick their best indoor-outdoor air quality solutions that fit their needs. 

HibouAir for personal use 

HibouAir Lite

  • Suitable for office, home, gym and other indoor places with a wide range of applications.
  • Compact in size, beautiful in appearance, lightweight and portable, easy to take out and carry around.
  • Stores air quality data for the last 7 days. Can be accessed from mobile or the desktop app.
  • Comes with two different variations; PM and CO2. Both the devices can measure key environmental factors like VOC (volatile organic compounds), pressure, temperature, and humidity.

What’s Included in HibouAir Lite:

  • Battery-Free IoT Sensors
  • Mobile and desktop application 
  • Power cable
  • 1-year guarantee

The cost of HibouAir CO2 Lite solutions is $165.00 and HibouAir PM Lite solution is $155.00. 

HibouAir for Business

Smart Sensor Devices provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring solutions for business. The solution includes HibouAir Cloud Solution Lite, HibouAir Cloud Solution, and HibouAir Cisco DNA Spaces Solution.

HibouAir Cloud Solution Lite

HibouAir Cloud Solution Lite includes plug & play air quality monitoring sensor CO2 and PM that connects to the cloud through wifi and provides real-time data on the indoor environment’s pollution level. It also works as a stand-alone device with a Bluetooth connection to the mobile application. The correlation of the real-time data delivers an excellent overall understanding of ambient conditions.

The cost of HibouAir CO2 Cloud Solutions Lite is $217.00 and HibouAir PM Cloud Solution Lite is $199.00.

HibouAir Cloud Solution 

HibouAir cloud solution includes plug & play air quality monitoring sensor CO2 and PM that connects to the cloud using a gateway and provides real-time indoor air quality environment data. It also works as a stand-alone device with a Bluetooth connection to mobile and desktop applications. 

The cost of HibouAir CO2 cloud solutions with a gateway is $337.00 and HibouAir PM cloud solution with a gateway is $274.00.

Both the cloud solution includes an air quality monitoring dashboard, which is an air quality data visualization and management web app. Users log in with their unique account credentials to manage home air quality monitors and view, plot, or download current and historical raw data.

HibouAir Cisco DNA Spaces Solution 

HibouAir Cisco DNA spaces indoor air quality sensors are fully integrated with the Cisco DNA Spaces platform.

With a Cisco DNA Spaces account, users can access HibouAir DNA Spaces app from the Marketplace and get real-time monitoring of environmental factors such as CO2 or PM levels, temperature, humidity etc.

The cost of HibouAir CO2 Cisco DNA Spaces solutions is $154.00 and HibouAir PM Cisco DNA Spaces solution is $144.00. 

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About Smart Sensor Devices

Smart Sensor Devices is a Swedish company founded in 2016. The company is working globally with the latest IoT solutions. The air quality monitoring sensors and services provides by Smart Sensor Devices, focuses on the growing need of continuously measuring air quality in the indoor spaces.

Apart from pre-built sensors, Smart Sensor Devices can develop customized sensor products or services for its clients by leveraging its IoT platform.


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