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Sontex’s Audion MagVac MED: A Medical Vacuum Sealer That Redefines Excellence in Sealing Technology

Sontex's Audion MagVac MED: A Medical Vacuum Sealer That Redefines Excellence in Sealing Technology
Commenting on the exceptional capabilities of the Audion MagVac MED, a spokesperson for Sontex stated, “At Sontex, we take immense pride in offering cutting-edge sealing technology, and the Audion MagVac MED is a shining example of our commitment to excellence. This medical vacuum sealer excels in validated bag sealing, with precise control over seal time, temperature, and pressure. It’s also equipped with a multi-cycle gas flush feature for modified atmosphere packing.”

Yorkshire – 20 Dec, 2023 – Sontex, a Yorkshire-based leader in medical sealers and shrink wrapping, proudly highlights the success of their Audion MagVac MED medical Vacuum Sealer, a product that has rapidly become one of their best-selling sealing solutions.

The Audion MagVac MED, with its 8mm weld width and validated medical bag sealing capabilities, exemplifies the pinnacle of sealing technology, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to meet the demanding needs of the medical industry.

Sontex has always provided state-of-the-art solutions for sealing and packaging needs, and the Audion MagVac MED is no exception. This remarkable product, available in three different sizes (520mm, 720mm, and 1020mm), is tailored to the stringent requirements of the medical sector. It boasts a set of features that ensure the highest level of reliability, precision, and efficiency.

What sets the Audion MagVac MED apart is its versatility and user-friendliness. It offers nine programmable settings to store configurations for different bag types, ensuring that the sealing process is tailored to specific needs. The digital Resistron control makes operation straightforward, even in the most demanding medical environments.

The spokesperson further emphasised, “Our Audion MagVac MED operates pneumatically, providing not only very strong and reliable sealing but also a self-contained vacuum pump. Designed for clean room operation, it adheres to the highest standards of quality and hygiene, essential in the medical field.”

Sontex recognises that the medical industry demands the utmost precision and safety when sealing vital materials and medicinal products. The Audion MagVac MED is specifically designed to meet these requirements, ensuring that the integrity and sterility of medical packages are always maintained.

The Audion MagVac MED’s optional features, including horizontal or vertical operation, a bag stretch unit for crease-free seals, bag support, external vent, and full calibration service with a traceable calibration certificate, make it the ultimate choice for medical sealing applications. The product’s data upload capability further enhances its value for professionals in the medical sector.

As Sontex continues to lead the way in providing sealing and packaging solutions, the Audion MagVac MED exemplifies their unwavering commitment to delivering excellence and reliability. For more information about this revolutionary medical vacuum sealer, please visit

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