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STARX Group Launches Two New Metaverse Tokens, Offers Innovative, Next-Gen Solutions for the Global Economy and Media Sectors

The two new tokens, AIGX and BXW, provide answers to the questions bothering the sustainability of DeFi and Cryptocurrency in creating wealth while offering unprecedented investment channels and opportunities

STARX Group, a financial solutions company in the United States, is pleased to announce the launch of two new Metaverse tokens – AIGX and BXW. The two new tokens are a product of extensive research and a thoroughly executed vision aimed at providing a unique solution for DeFi and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The tokens are guaranteed to provide solutions to the questions of investment and wealth generation that have beset the global economy while helping individuals in the content creation and media industry enjoy better rewards for their work.

The cryptocurrency and DeFi rave has shaped the financial industry in many unexpected ways. At a time when it looks like the future seems uncertain, STARX Group’s innovations in the AGIX and BXW tokens create a clear roadmap that indicates a new dawn and hope for the financial world. With AGIX and BXW, there is no doubt about the possibilities that abound for everyone.

AGIX token is a product of the flawless amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Being STARX Group’s novel token, AGIX is powered by Web 3.0 and is expected to create an unmatched level of data transparency and transaction security on a global scale. The token further solidifies the idea of autonomous data sovereignty by liberating individuals and organizations from the constraints of centralized data storage through enhanced ownership authority.

Another noteworthy feature of the AIGX token is that it has AI fully incorporated into it. What this does is to create a perfect automation of data analysis and financial decision-making, guaranteeing an improved ecosystem efficiency and dependability. While the AGIX token seeks to revolutionize the FinTech industry on a global scale, the BXW token has a similar mission but for a targeted audience – media.

The BXW token is designed to eliminate deep-rooted traditional issues in the media industry. It is a response to the growing concerns of content creators who aren’t enjoying the compensation they deserve for their hard work. With BXW, content creators will receive full compensation as the token leverages blockchain technology to construct a value-sharing network. It also promotes a double-edged benefit as it enhances user experience across the board.

On a broader scale, the BXW token is STARX Group’s initiative to create a transparent media ecosystem. Among the many problems the token aims to resolve, copyright infringement and data manipulation hold top priority. For users and consumers, the BXW token will provide a system for finding and accessing high-quality material as STARX Group hopes to revolutionize the content consumption landscape.

Not only are the AIGX and BXW tokens the next-generation investment channels, but they also promise a range of impressive benefits. Users of these tokens are the major decision-makers as Decentralized Autonomous Organization (AO) models have been implemented for governance. Hence, token holders can vote on significant changes, ensuring the ecosystems evolve to meet community needs.

Security is a guarantee for token holders as both tokens are equipped with cutting-edge security measures. From advanced encryption algorithms to two-factor authentication and a provision for regular security audits, these tokens are fully fortified.

Aside from profit-making, the AGIX and BXW tokens aim for a greater societal impact. AIGX aspires to bring financial inclusivity to underserved regions, and BXW seeks to democratize information, making it universally accessible.

The launch of these tokens will be in October 2023 and the world can expect it to be the beginning of the financial revolution it desperately needs. To learn more about the AGIX and BXW tokens, please visit

About STARX Group

STARX Group is a financial solutions company that aims to establish innovation, excellence, and breakthroughs in the global financial market. The company is committed to the perfect integration of technology and finance to provide clients with a full range of diversified financial solutions.

Under the leadership of strong management, STARX Group has over 200 hundred experts covering a wide range of financial sectors, including equity, bonds, stocks, commodities, and digital assets. Headquartered in the US, STARX Group was established in 2005 and actively seeks collaboration with tech companies as it believes that the future of the financial market will be a highly digitized and intelligent one, and seizing technological innovation is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.

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