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TelecommuterPro launches work from home community

In response to the growing demand to work from home, TelecommuterPro, provides jobs paired with a friendly community built of people in search of supplemental income.

August 15, 2016 – As the cost of living and consumer price index continue to outpace standard incomes, many households are turning to online work as auxiliary income. To facilitate this, an online community, TelecommuterPro has spawned. This is a free community that connects online workers to paying employers. As a result everyone from single men with an open nightshift to stay at home moms are able to generate more accommodating wages.

Along with the added income, these jobs allow employees the comfort of their own home. This ability is especially useful for those with other responsibilities such as watching over a pet or child. Caretakers are able to work on the phone while keeping an eye out for any trouble a young child could get into. As a side benefit, working from the comfort of a bed never hurt anyone!

With TelecommuterPro users will have all these accommodations as well as a supportive and like-minded community through the online forums. In the forums, professionals can find legitimate companies looking to hire remote workers, offering plenty of telecommuting opportunities. This kind of community ensures that only genuine companies are recommended, preventing the all-too-common occurrence of unpaid work that comes with sites less established than TelecommuterPro.

The “Job Opportunities” forum showcases high-paying employment for anyone from a business manager to programmers to customer service specialists. Needless to say this collection makes finding a real online job easier than ever. Perhaps more important is the community itself, providing discussion boards full of tips and workers looking to build relationships. Additionally the community site runs a helpful blog designed to aid those just starting out as well as Telecommuting veterans.

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