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The Composition And Uses Of Sealing Adhesive Tape

Carton sealing adhesive is also called transparent bopp tape and carton sealing packaging tape. With the rapid improvement of social economy and people’s living standards, tape has been completely incorporated into all walks of life and people’s daily life. There are tape wholesale markets of varying sizes around the world that sell tape products, which can be found in building materials stores, hardware stores, small shops, stationery stores, supermarkets, etc.


The main components of the sealing glue

1. Pressure sensitive adhesive for tape

The material of the adhesive is natural rubber, a resin used to increase viscosity, plus an anti-aging agent that maintains adhesion, and a solvent that can decompose various solvents. These ingredients are mixed to make an adhesive. The adhesive is placed in the container for 24 hours to remove bubbles to make the texture uniform, and filter through filter paper to remove impurities.

2. OPP film of tape

BOPP film is a sheet made of high molecular weight polypropylene and then stretched to make a film. Coat the back of the film with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that prevents the adhesive from adhering. If the front side is needed, apply a good adhesive. Mark the key points. The latter will be tested. You all know that the scotch tape is glued on one side, and there is no glue on the other side, but there is no glue. On the other side, a release agent should be applied. The general materials are acrylic-styrene resin polymer copolymers, silicones, polyethylene waxes and so on.

After the BOPP original film is treated with high-voltage corona, one side of the surface becomes rough, and then glue is applied to it to form a tape mother roll, which is then divided into small rolls of different specifications by a slitting machine, which is what we use daily Tape out.


How to use sealing tape

1. The adhesive surface must be cleaned and dried first. Generally, it is recommended to dip a cloth with a mixture of 1:1 IPA (isopropanol) and water to clean the surface and wait until the surface is completely dry.

2. After the cleaning solvent is dried, stick the tape on the adhesive surface, and apply a pressure of about 15 PSI (1.05 kg/cm²) with a roller or other means to make it effective.

3. Tear off the release paper of the double-sided tape, and then paste the material to be bonded, and apply 15PSI pressure to make it fit effectively. If you need to remove air bubbles, you should increase the pressure to the upper limit of the item’s ability to withstand it.

4. The ideal temperature for pasting is 15-38℃, not lower than 10℃

5. When adhesive tape is attached, one end should be attached first, and then slowly pressed to the other end to reduce the chance of air bubbles.

How to choose a good sealing glue method

1. Measure the length and width of the entire roll of sealing tape

The length of tape is difficult to measure, so many tape lengths on the market have false reports. Tapes with the same thickness in time will also have different lengths due to factors such as the thickness, size, and winding tightness of the paper tube, so you still need to actually operate it before you can feel it. To the durability of the tape.

2. Look at the color of the sealing glue

Take transparent sealing glue as an example, the whiter the appearance, the purer the texture, the less impurities, and the better the adhesiveness. For yellow tape, check whether there are uneven white spots on the surface of the tape. What can’t be wiped off by hand is the traces of impurities or glue. Such tape generally has an odor.

3. Test the tightness of the sealing glue

Conventional products on the market are generally thicker, because their loose winding creates the illusion of being thicker and more cost-effective. In this case, it is not scientific to use a ruler to measure the thickness. Tianyuan sealing glue is tightly wound, reduces the possibility of glue overflow, saves space, and is still full of meters long, trustworthy!

4. Test the strength of the sealing glue

Generally inferior sealing tape has poor strength and is easily broken. The tensile rate of Tianyuan sealing glue is 154%, which is an excellent level; the tensile strength is 35.2mpa, which is 17% higher than the qualified standard.

5. Test the adhesiveness of the sealing tape

Generally, manual testing is sufficient. Pull a roll of tape and stick it on the carton and then tear it off to see if the carton paper is torn off together. Test on the carton.

6. Measure the thickness of the sealing tape

Generally, the thickness of the tape on the market ranges from 40u-60u (the thickness of the BOPP film taught by the glue), and of course it is also far away. The 60u tape is very thick, but with the same thickness, the length is shorter, and the 40u tape is long, but very thin and easy to break. The tape produced by Jinghua Adhesive Tape Factory is a 52u film with the best length and toughness.

ZHEJIANG BAIYI ADHESIVE PRODUCTS The main production line is BOPP packing tape of high-quality large rolls and finished tapes. The ultra-clear series has won praise from most customers at a lower cost; as well as colored tapes, printing tapes, stationery tapes and invisible tapes. In addition, we also provide special tapes such as portable tape, double-sided tape, kraft paper tape, foam tape, and masking tape.



The sales model of sealing glue

1. Agent distribution model

This kind of profit will be relatively low, because you need to give profits to your distributors so that they can have the advantage and motivation to develop the market. However, this model will have a relatively large amount of sealing tape, and the customer’s loyalty will be relatively large. It is relatively strong, because the two parties are based on the relationship of strategic partners.

2. Retail model

The profit of the sealing tape will be relatively high, and it can often reach 30%-40% of the gross profit, but there are advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of the retail model is that the single sales are relatively low and it is difficult to increase the volume.

3. Enterprise supply cooperation model

Adhesive tape is a necessary popular product commonly used in daily life; it is based on BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene film, and after heating, it is evenly coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion to form an adhesive layer ranging from 8μm to 28μm. A mother roll of BOPP tape is formed. Sealing adhesive tape is an indispensable part in the global express logistics industry.

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