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The first sight of Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet after unwrapping

Jack has been on business travel for half month and his fatigue is gone when he saw the Airwheel C5 purchased online. Jack is going to wear it on this weekend for an outdoor trip. He took some photos to show the first sight of Airwheel C5 smart helmet after unwrapping.

Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet is protected by the shockproof sponge cushion. There are user manual, USB cable, read card device and a memory card. Airwheel C5 weight only 425g.

Seen from different sides, Airwheel C5 helmet heads up display adopts Unibody, with excellent toughness and strength, bearing impact to protect head safety effectively. Jack also thinks highly of the silver and orange combination. It is reported that there will be other two colors helmet to be released (green and black).
High-definition camera is located in the middle, and the other core components are hidden in the silver broadside. There are three buttons in each side. In the left side, we can see the capture key, Wi-Fi button and a power switch, and Bluetooth, answer key, and volume in the left side. It is said that the built-in Wi-Fi modules enable C5 to connect to mobile phones and indoor network hot spot so as to share the wonderful videos to kinds of social media.

Also, we can see the microphone and working indicator and loudspeaker in front of the Volume key in the left side.

The ventilating system of C5 also makes Jack satisfied with the front air intake design, top streamlined vents, tail vertical exhaust hole that can effectively shed head heat.

Here is the inside:

Two black part is Bluetooth headset for listening to music and answering the phone.

The red circular object is helmet regulator to adopt to different head girths. There is a micro USB interface and a microSD card slot. When USB interface in charging, the SD card slot is placed in the memory card to store the video or photos.

Ok, based on the above description of C5, what do you think of Airwheel C5
smart helmet? Jack has been too impatient to wait. For its specific functions, Jack will share with net friends later.

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