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The UN World Humanitarian Day Marked by Screams of Dying-Alive Abducted Children, Mess Predicaments Notified for Global Attention: COTEM-Alert By SAIRI Postdoctoral Multiversity.

Alarming Substantiations of the ‘Inhumane Trade of Small Children’s Organs Extracted and Sold as ‘Human Body-parts’ after Being Kidnapped from their Local Vicinities—Entire human-race on verge of falling into dire ‘Moral Penalties’!—An Open Letter to UN and concerned Quarters—Global Communities Urged to Take a ‘Moral Stand’ at the ‘Vulnerable Hour’…..!!!—UNICEF ‘fore-notified’ to remain ‘extra-vigilant’ on tri-fold ‘Mounting Outbursts Risk’: COTEM-Alert Appraisal by SAIRI Postdoc Multiversity.

UN Observances/News-Desk/Asia – 19 Aug, 2016 – An abhorrent and obnoxious wave of ‘epic proportions’ is on a strange rise in certain parts of the least developed countries in the Asian and African regions.

One of the gravest humanitarian-crisis having the nature, severity and kind of ‘its own’, is on an ongoing continuum, and is now progressively reflecting its consequential grips that areextending viciously.

Situation Overview:

According to recent reports, the poor Asian populations of Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and particularly those belonging to the Punjab province of Pakistan, are in vicious grips of a ‘humanitarian crisis’ having an unprecedented nature;—mounting epidemics of the inhumane trade of small children’s vital organs extracted out and then consequently sold as human ‘body-parts’ after being kidnapped—thrashed and beleaguered to made physically disabled for the rest of their lives after taken away from their local vicinities.

Grave concerns have been voiced against the backdrop of 2016’s World Humanitarian Day that is proclaimed by the UN as per its Resolution No.A/RES/63/139.

Acts of mafia-backed brutality manifested upon abducted children of Asia and Africa, particularlythose of Pakistan and Myanmar have been spotlighted.

The situation and nature of occurrence, as it is appearing gradually on the face of ‘ground-reality’—is literally, too inhumane to be believed upon.

The Fact-in-Existence:

Evidence-based, substantiated information suggest a marked and obvious linkage between the ‘Tri-fold Nexus’ of apparently‘poles-apart segments’; i.e. Street Gangsters + Inter-Regional Mafia Circles + Medical Practitioners involved in these veryacts of inhumane viciousness, notifies the alarming appraisal primed for the UN, titled ‘1st ‘Children’s Organ-Trade Epidemic Mountings’ assessment, (COTEM-Alert Appraisal) documented by SAIRI Postdoctoral Multiversity. As a matter of fact, since one of the segments belongs to an institutional and highly respectable academic sphere i.e. the ‘medical professionals’ involved therein, butquite regrettably, —the ‘Tri-fold Nexus’ has far-surpassed the Pharaoh’s approach as well the Hitlerian-tactics,!

Appalling Conditions of the Looming Crisis:

Cross-referenced data-analysis reveals an obnoxious rise in child abduction cases during the last three years. Reportedly, over 850,000 children are documented missing every year in the least developed or under developed countries—marking the indicator as 3-5 children every 2 minutes.

In the SAIRI’s COTEM-Alert on the United Nations World Humanitarian Observance-2016, an analysis on the disappeared children in recent years, has been documented, which reflects that almost 21.7% of the missing children are those who are lost in densely tenanted places and then become vulnerable to be an object of prey for the abductors. While, around 37-46% are the runaways due to harsh behavior by the family, the sexual abusesin schools and streets. Unaccompanied migrant children seeking asylums, and parental abduction by one of the patrons also constitute a 3-5% of the missing children.Whereas, well over 30.6% to 37.9% are the cases, where, in a quite professional way, the children are kidnapped from their streets, their way-backs from schools, playgrounds, the zoos or other places that children visit habitually or are likely to bethere recurrently.

“Identical patterns indicate a linear rise and non-proximal outbursts tothe vicinities that are currently considered as ‘secured’ parts of the world—appear as not to be out of the present predicament-pickle’s  grips, in the upcoming years as well”, warns COTEM-Alert.

According to ‘Global Children Emergency Overview’ by SAIRI’s COTEM, the recent years’ child-abduction’ and ‘child-organ-trade’ has been reported as “the worst-case-scenarioof the ‘dehumanizing crisis’ in the last 2000 years.”

In this connection, a resolution has been passed unanimously, which states as;

“By these letters, we hereby condemn unanimously, the inhumane trade of small children’ organs that are extracted to be sold as human ‘body-parts’.—the tinny ‘innocent beings’smashed and beleaguered to be made disabled and physically handicapped for the rest of their lives, after being kidnapped, smuggledand rustled away from their local vicinities.”

“All of the objectives, determinations or motives behind this vicious act of brutality and wild-ferocity—on whatsoever accounts—by whatsoever means or backed by whosoever of the quarters—the aforesaid with ‘all of its intents-and-purposes’ is outrightly considered and, is hereby grotesquely declared ‘an utterly inexcusable and completely intolerable’ viciousness, being carried out in the form of an insufferable offense to the whole humanity.”

“We, hereby absolutely deplore, totally denounce and completely censure the entire viciousnessinvolved therein—directly or indirectly or through any of the bonds whatsoever they be”.

“There exists no option to tolerate it, nor can it be accommodated, neither billeted to preserve further a ‘silence’ or any ‘pause’ on this inhumane ruthlessness—on any accounts so far”.

“By holding fast the code-of-humaneness,our conscience requires now to break the ‘conspiracy of silence’ with a prompt meritorious vigilance, that demands usto address the issue with more righteous-concerns and moral zeal”, entreats further the resolution.

If not addressed in a fairly prompt way, the state of affairs can proceed at a wild-fast pace, to‘quite profligately’ converting into a ‘global humanitarian disaster’, notifies quitewarn-fully, the COTEM-Resolution.


The resolution calls on the global community, the UN and other concerned quarters to take prompt action on the critical issue:

“The testimonial document of COTEM-Alert appraisal and the SAIRI’s resolutionhereby, now calls on the UN, the trans-regional authorities in particular, and the global community in general, to take a ‘moral stand’ by mounting an urgent response-joinder to promptly address the most ‘vulnerable hour’ of this humanitarian predicament.”

Ms Saba Sadiq, the chairperson of Child Protection Bureau in Pakistan suggests that:

“As major stakeholders, the local town committees along with their indigenous administration should be activated to effectively deal with this menace. Monitoring of play grounds, game centers, parks, shrines, and hotels can also help prevent the consequent perils.”

Closing Plea for the Dying-alive Abducted Children:

“By means of the COTEMappraisal-testimony and the COTEM-Resolution, I, the COTEM-appraisal’s principal investigator, hereby supplicate, plead and do beg to the global community that:

“The tears-soaked parents of theseabducted children, are on their knees before the collective conscience of the world—the international community—the UN and the entire humanity—begging for the lives of their small children.” 

“These glimmering flowers are being converted to dusky-skeletons and reduced to ‘hollow-body-frames’—moving in the smugglers’ hands.”

“The world has become a global village; we are all inhabitants of the same planet to which they belong, and—where alongside, they are being abducted, seized, oppressed, thrashed, and beleaguered to make them physically disabled for the rest of their lives”.

“These kidnapped children are like our own small kids—their lives are as precious as ours—the small ‘tiny-beings’ that are now crying to seek a rescue—‘begging-for-their-lives’—these abducted kids are not, but like ours own…!”

 “And, we, the fellow human beings as‘the global observing eyes’aren’t but shameless bystanders—the ‘De-sensitized and De-humanized Automatons’…!”

“We have to strive for a ‘principal resolve’ of the ‘Children Organs-trade Crisis’ as a ‘Moral Imperative’—if not a ‘Legal Requisite’—urges and presages categorically Prof. Qadhi A.Z. Al Hafi the COTEM’s P.I.

The COTEM-Alert Resolution on the poor children abduction presages at its last as:

It’s the time that we have to come forth to break the ‘conspiracy of silence’———Otherwise we’d be paying heavy costs for this‘criminal negligence’, and, definitely —we’d be contributing to leave this world a ‘miserable’ place to live…!!!”

About the COTEM- Alert Resolution:

The COTEM-Alert resolution was recently moved in Colombo, by the fabled MHT discoverer and South Asian multidisciplinary arch-researcher Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi, on a conversant juncture of marking a UN observance at Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH).

Sri Lanka’s State Minster of National Policies and Economic Affairs Niroshan Perera, Madam Seva Pettorian-Head UNV, United Nations Colombo, Dr. Senaka Amarasinghe, Governor-Rotary International, Consul General, Advisor of the Ministry of Sustainable Development Uchita De Zoysa, Secretary General of The Colombo PlanKinley Dorji  and the Director General of SUNFO Peace Ambassador Dr. Deshapriya S. Wijetunge were the key persons present at the event where the resolution was initiated.

The unanimously passed resolution is appendedby the COTEM-Alert appraisal, which austerely warns of the worsening situation, particularly in Pakistan and of Myanmar’s Rohingya children.

About the COTEM-Resolution Initiator:

Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi’s name is no ‘strange’ to any state of affairs, when it comes to moral and humane convictions. Irrefutably, the epitome watch-word ‘Aurangzeb Al-Hafi’ has always stood for raising sane, courageous and upright voice, at the critical most intervals of the present era’s grave junctures of humanitarian concerns.

He was the first to come-up with the most impact-full plight of Rohingya Children’s merciless persecutions, manifested thereupon by state-backed riot groups in Myanmar. The voice raised by Prof Hafi on behalf of poor Rohingyas, proved later to be a remarkable opening for bringing a worldwide attention to the issue.

Professor Dr. Al Hafi has long been working for children in disastrous emergencies and cataclysmic situations. Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi was the prime investigatory head of the projects concerning the disabled population of refugee camps in Sri Lanka, following the Asian Tsunami of 2004. He also maintained technical liaisons with the UN and other concerned quarters thereof. Indicators pointed by Prof Al Hafi’s prominent ‘DESPO-Asia 2015’ appraisals are well documented, and in retrospect, are internationallyadopted as a principal operative-modality and modus-operandi for disaster risk reduction( DRR)in the UN led DRR mission, particularly in the least-developed countries.

2016’s United Nations World Humanitarian Day Marked by Poor Tinny-beings’ Screams that Come to be Echoed Unreservedly, by Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi’s COTEM-Alert Resolution…!!!

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