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To dig the strengths of Airwheel Z5 electric standing up bike

As the second generation foldable electric scooter, Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter has enchanted us all. Frankly, designers throw most of their energy and ingenuity into new generation standing up electric scooter. So Z5 shown in front of you must have its strengths.

Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter, the second generation foldable electric scooter, becomes the new favorites recently. The interesting and practical character in parallel of Airwheel Z5 is the established truth. Light in weight and easy to fold are still the advantages for Z5 but there is still some upgraded details deserves our attention. Airwheel Z5 does not set the target groups. It is not designed for directing at those young geers who pursue new fashion since Airwheel puts the safety in the first place based on the stable and precise design. Nevertheless, competing speed is not the original idea for Z5.

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Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter can be used for almost all the occasions owing to its green and safe performance, no matter who you are, old or young, women or men, adults or kids. You can drive Z5 in the country roads, big streets and small lanes and even in the uneven places. Or whether you ride Z5 to go to work or go for entertainment, it can bring you unique riding experience.

The multiple folding system of Airwheel Z3 hoverboard can still be perfectly represented on Z5 razor electric bike. The simple folding procedures also increase the joyfulness for riding. The top of the handrail is a special design detail. The small hook can exactly grapple the groove of the rear wheels after folding. This treatment effectively makes the folding body fixed.

The location of battery package on Z5 electric standing bike is the most prominent transformation. The top-mounted battery is moved to the connection part of the body. The concealed design can protect the battery from rain erosion and won’t influence the outlook. If it is long-distance traveling, the backup batteries will also enlarge the endurance ability. What’s more, if you forget to charge your phone, you can make it charged by connecting it to the high-efficient USB port.

It can be seen that Airwheel has always been working hard for providing better riding solutions, intelligent and safe solutions.

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