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UAnnounceit Introduces “UAnnounceit™” As An Active UK-Based Social Media Networking Platform

UAnnounceit Introduces "UAnnounceit™" As An Active UK-Based Social Media Networking Platform
“Believe Power in bringing People together” is the networking company’s motto- one which they are living up to

UAnnounceit™ is the avant-garde social media and networking company services and the brainchild of the global Memorial Channel Television Network Services (MCTV) UK Ltd. This new social media networking community is a dynamic platform providing users with the opportunity to share their experiences and build long-lasting relationships within the online community. The community is ‘YOU-based’, proffering a FREE SPEECH platform for users to do, say, promote or announce what they want, with the option of a real-time live video streaming broadcast. The platform is also educational as users can interact in classrooms or create online courses within a well secured and easy to use space.

Speaking on the network’s expansion plan, the founder and CEO of both companies, Mr.Marcel Ifey Obioha had this to say: “With our increasing global brand integrity, we are pleased to announce the release of our beautiful ‘U Announce It App’ on Apple Store and Google Play store.” The app can be downloaded on the landing page of the UAnnounceit website or on the app stores without a charge or subscription free. 

Better still the link below is a direct access to freely download the app:

UAnnounceit App on the App Store:

UAnnounceit App on Google Play:

The UAnnounceit app is the premium app of self-expression for creatives and users in general, owing to the availability of a wide range of services and features offered on the UAnnounceit platform. The platform allows users to share stories, access interactive online groups, create pages to promote their businesses, while creating contests for the users. Users can also share and watch videos in a pseudo-channel/TV format, share prayers and thoughts, publish upcoming events, sell event tickets, and add international and local news to their news, preach regardless of their religious beliefs, get classified listings for goods and services, and enjoy a top-rated music playlist on UAnnounceit.

Furthermore, registered users from the ages of 10 years old can set up their virtual stores and marketplaces to sell their products and showcase their brands for free. Crowd-funding, fundraising, and social donations features platform is added on the social networking website. Become a part of this thriving UAnnounceit community, start sharing stories, engage with other users, and enjoy value-added services.

Log on to and register today.

About Memorial Channel Television Network Services Ltd (MCTV)

Memorial Channel Television Network Services Ltd (MCTV) is the foremost TV broadcasting channel based in the UK that shares a rich variety of international and local news items. They also share and promote videos, music, films, and entertainment-related content.

MCTV has gone on to create UAnnounceit, which is a global part-service social networking multi-platform website initiative. UAnnounceit allows users share whatever they like and get instant updates. In addition, users can connect, inform, comment, and follow friends, families, and VIPs from around the world and be followed in return. They can also upload photos, videos, and songs and share them on the Activity Feed.

Learn more about MCTV and the UAnnounceit platform on the About Us page on the company’s website.

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