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US-based Copywriter starts a quirky campaign for his business on Indiegogo

Bob Williams, a copywriter by profession has started a campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of raising $5000 to set up his copywriting business named Williams Creative Copy. With quirky sentences and unusual rewards like ‘words of wisdom’ and original Haiku poem among others, he has used an interesting writing style to describe his campaign.

‘With the support of a dew strangers in total’, as he says, Williams wishes to establish his own company and offer copywriting services to both small and big companies. Along with copywriting services, he also plans to offer marketing strategies, customer acquisition techniques and general consultation services for the clients.

Considering that there is a lot of competition in the copywriting world, he has planned out a few things for himself which will make him stand apart from the counterparts. To do the same, he needs to have a good budget and that’s where the funding from Indiegogo campaign will help. He will utilize the amounts raised from the fundraiser in creating an attractive website and showcase his services in detail.

For establishing a business, Williams will also need to get through a lot of paperwork and deal with lawyers. Some part of the funding will be used to paying the cost of the paperback and lawyer’s fees too. Currently, he is not working anywhere and giving his full time to building his business, now all he needs is funding the campaign to set the building stone of his business.

After getting the website and the company name into papers, he plans to invest the funding into marketing and promotion of the website and also rent a small space in the local downtown to set up an office and attract local businesses. He aims to make his company present both online and in brick and mortar so that all types of clients can approach h the company for its services.

Though he mentions in the campaign that he’s ‘not trying to cure cancer’ or ‘selling some innovative product that could change the world’, he’s pretty eager to set up his own business and make a slight difference in the world, by offering more job opportunities in the market and a great service experience to his clients.

By contributing to the campaign, the backers can get quirky rewards such as a writing project, Haiku poem along with a certificate that you’re not a vampire! The user can also pledge for other amounts to get their copywriting done for their business or website.

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