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Vivitality Helps Decode The Body’s Signals With Its 3D Body Composition Scan

Vivitality offers its 3D body composition scan to help people understand what the
body is telling.

Vivitality, the company that offers a range of health products and services to help people achieve their health goals, is offering a 3D body composition scan. The scanning, which forms part of its fat reduction treatments, helps people get a visual view of the body and its functions in three-dimension.

‘Finally, there is a precise way to validate your weight loss journey,’ says the spokesperson for Vivitality. “Our 3D body scanning makes visualizing progress simple. You can see the difference in your body’s shape in three-dimension instead of on weight scales that often mislead you into thinking you’re not making progress.”

According to the experts at Vivitality, nothing is more illustrative and more motivating than to actually see your body transform. With Vivitality 3D Body Scanning, those with health risk from obesity can get a real view of what’s happening in their bodies.

The 3D body scanning process can help measure body fat percentage accurately. The system analyzes hundreds of body measurements. It is designed to take precise measurements of the hip, thigh, and waist with less than one percent error.

“We leverage body measurements to calculate body fat percentage with incredibly high precision, the spokesperson added. “We then use the 3D model to highlight changes in shape and to set goals for you.”

For those keen to know “how to measure my health,” the 3D Body Scanning system is the perfect solution.

This assessment, done using the 3D Body Scanning system, provides the healthcare professionals at Vivitality with a full range of insights. The input is used to create personalized health, nutrition, and fitness program to help patients reach their peak performance.

Vivitality was launched in 2006 to help people find the right solutions for their health- related issues. To this present day, the company continues its relentless research to find and make available the most comprehensive lineup of products and services to help people achieve optimal health naturally.

Vivitality is committed to providing all possible support and assistance to patients to help them achieve their peak performance.

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About Vivitality:

Vivitality is a healthcare clinic committed to supporting mind and body programs for women across Queensland. The clinic offers the most comprehensive analysis of human biology, the gold standard for personalized nutrition and workout programs, and the most insightful chronic disease prevention assessment. The clinic is known for its easy appointment, friendly staff, and highly professional approach.

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