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Walk, Jog or Run with MovEarn – a web 3.0 application

MovEarn – a web 3.0 application that enables to earn through daily physical activities and make a better and healthier living.

MovEarn – a web 3.0 application that enables the users to earn through daily physical activities and make a better and healthier living. MoveEarn has taken a revolutionary step in the web 3.0 world where the users shall be able to make money with every step made. MovEarn aims to leverage the potential of this convergence of technology and real movement, in a breakthrough NFT Move2Earn game, to incentivize a world that is moving more with the mission to make the world a better place by providing rewards for everyone for walking, driving jogging lovers. This revolutionary step is a treat to practice activity for the workout freaks.

What distinguishes MovEarn is the value offer is not limited to Web 3. Along with earning tokens and learning about Web 3, individuals report feeling healthy due to building good long-term outdoor routines. 

In today’s world, most fitness trackers provide a purely passive experience. A fitness freak gets up and decides to start a walk or go to the gym to make the body look better then rinse and restart the process. But with the time the interest breaks and then it’s done or when the ring on the Apple Watch shuts, the game is over. But now MoveEarn is with every fitness freak to give the motivation to earn with every step. MoveEarn keeps the folks on the right track with the ambition to provide a healthier lifestyle. 

MovEarn aims to incorporate the aspects of playing and earning into a normal exercise routine to provide more value to the steps, promote good behaviors, and establish an engaging and positive connection with taking care of the body. 

Consistently walking, jogging, or running benefits the health significantly. Runners benefit from increased serotonin levels, enhanced cognitive performance, lower stress, and better cardiovascular health. Harvard researchers discovered that walking 21 minutes a day may significantly reduce the chance of developing heart disease by 30%. When physical activities are providing such significant advantages to the body and at the same time, there is an offer to get paid for every step. Then, one must adopt the MoveEarn to enjoy life more healthily.  

MoveEarn focuses on the intersection that enables fitness applications to frictionlessly incorporate ownership of digital assets and token economies into their ecosystems, allowing them to offer the advantages of Web 3 to fitness communities all over the globe. The expansion in usage of virtual games has impacted the health of the globe to a higher extent. Therefore, MoveEarn has come up with the idea to provide a healthier platform with an earing environment where people shall be able to earn and enjoy physical activities. At the same time, people shall be connected to the tech world and meanwhile, doing the physical work. These revolutionary steps are only available in MoveEarn to make the world a better place by making the folks and individuals fitter and healthier.

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