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With Pray The Path, Patricia Ferguson Offers Message Of Hope

COLERAIN, North Carolina – Pray The Path, a new brand created by former Commissioner Patricia Ferguson, has recently launched online.

Pray The Path was created as a call to action for marginalized communities to organize and gather to change the reality of their collective situation through prayer, advocacy, and spreading messages of hope.

“PRAY THE PATH is also about leadership and community,” says Ferguson of her new calling. “It aims to invite our leaders and policy makers to consider prayer as a critical first step before public policy matters are decided. We also engage a full community of voices, with churches and faith-based institutions and organizations as full partners as well. We believe in the power of prayer and therefore, call into being, the path taken by each of them, is in step with their calling to fulfill their plan and their purpose.

The idea for Pray the Path came to Patricia when she found herself overwhelmed by the increase in local tension around poverty, public policy and feelings of hopelessness. She was inspired by the teachings of her grandparents to create a prayerful solution to the unrest.

On the Pray The Path website, you can find inspirational material as well as community resources and even merchandise such as books, apparel and Pray The Path bracelets, as a reminder of the role of prayer in finding your way and conquering insurmountable odds.

Patricia will be attending the 2016 Global Prayer Gathering Washington, DC on April 22 where she will be introducing the work of Pray The Path and the role she envisions it will play in galvanizing thousands to reclaim their personal confidence in prayer and in turn, its role in the community.

For more information and to find out how you can bring Pray The Path to your community, go to

About Patricia Ferguson

Patricia Ferguson is an extraordinarily passionate public servant, community leader, ordained missionary, renowned speaker, teacher, and expert facilitator. Daughter of a single teen mother raised by two amazing grandparents with a 4th and 7th-grade education in an economically distressed community in NC, she draws on more than 30 years of public and community service. As a former elected official, she has spent a lifetime working on behalf of communities of poverty, and a number of years refocusing her efforts redesigning strategies to help them thrive.

She believes Pray the Path is her “best work”. A committed believer since the age of nine, Patricia has always been passionate about the impact public policy makes in local communities and in particular, communities who have a long standing history of being economically distressed. As the daughter of a single teen mom raised in a rural, economically distressed, majority African American community in northeastern North Carolina, her faith has been the source of her strength. The foundation of her faith was set by her grandparents. She was raised to love learning, love family, and love community. She was raised to take her faith with her at all times and to believe in the possibility of all things. Patricia began her journey at 14 years old pulling inner-city kids in Philadelphia off of the street and into positive experiences while her mother worked second shift, unaware of her acts of service.

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