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Zeelool: How to use social media to build user loyalty?

Zeelool: How to use social media to build user loyalty?
Zeelool Social Media

In the age of e-commerce, many consumers are used to discovering new products and brands through online celebrities. Zeelool brand follows the trend and focuses on polishing their products while also deeply engaging in social media marketing for the brand, they have built up their brand presence on multiple social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, etc. Zeelool expands the brand’s exposure and the ability to reach different target audiences.

What are the social media marketing strategies of Zeelool brand?

The social media marketing strategies adopted by Zeelool for the brand include increasing brand awareness, user engagement, and building brand image in the following ways:

Multi-platform coverage:

Zeelool selects reputable online celebrities in relevant fields that match its brand to cooperate with, sharing brand stories and product usage feelings from the creator’s perspective, which creates strong emotional resonance with the audience and greatly improves the brand conversion rate and upsell rate.In addition to Facebook and Instagram’s celebrity matrix, Zeelool is also very active on TikTok. Not only has it gained 920,000 followers, but it has also created many videos with millions of plays, bringing a lot of exposure to the Zeelool brand.

Discount Promotions and Limited Time Activities:

Zeelool offers coupons, discount promotions, free-gifts and limited time activities on its Facebook platform to attract users’ attention and engagement and increase their motivation to interact with the brand.

Content Creation and Sharing:

Zeelool publishes content related to how to choose women frame glasses and men frame glasses, how to match eyeglasses (tortoise shell glasses, cat eye frame glasses, crystal eyeglasses and so on), and fashion advice on social media in a variety of media formats, including images, videos, and stories. These guides and suggestions help users to better understand and use Zeelool products, learn about the features and styles of Zeelool products, and also provide valuable fashion and eyewear fitting suggestions, which enhance users’ reliance and engagement with the brand.

Interactive posts and Q&A events:

Zeelool regularly publishes interactive posts to encourage users to leave comments, like, share and tag friends etc. These posts may include interesting questions, product polls or user surveys, topic discussions, etc., which prompt users to actively participate and share their experiences and ideas, and learn about user preferences and feedback. In addition, Zeelool will answer questions asked by users on social media and provide personalized answers and suggestions to increase interaction and communication between users and the brand.

Collecting and posting user reviews:

Zeelool collects user reviews and ratings of its products on the Facebook platform and also publishes user reviews and ratings of its products in order to collect users’ satisfaction with Zeelool’s products, and also to increase other users’ trust and interest in the brand, and to promote interaction between users, so that users can share their experiences of use and exchange opinions.

KOL Collaboration and User Generated Content:

Zeelool has partnered with well-known social media KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), inviting them to try and share Zeelool’s products and become brand spokespersons or brand ambassadors. By sharing their experiences and testimonies of Zeelool products, these KOLs are able to draw users’ attention to their testimonials and reviews, as well as increase the brand’s exposure and visibility, attracting more users to participate. In addition, Zeelool encourages users to generate content related to the brand, such as users sharing their outfit photos or usage tips on social media, further expanding the brand’s reach and user engagement.

Through the above ways of interaction between Zeelool and its users on social media platforms, Zeelool was able to build a closer connection with its users and increase brand awareness and user engagement. Through content creation, interaction, affiliate marketing, KOL cooperation and promotions, Zeelool has been able to attract users’ attention, increase the brand’s influence, and promote interaction and loyalty between users and the brand, contributing to the brand’s sustainable development and user loyalty.

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