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Angel Baby Frosty Pillow Gel Mat for Adults Becomes a Top Ten Bestseller in Amazon

“Angel Baby Frosty Pillow Gel Mat for Adults”

Pillow Gel Mat for Adults, a product from Angel Baby, has recently made it to the list of top ten Amazon bestsellers in the category of speciality medical pillows. Many users of this product have recommended it as a remedy to neck pain, migraine, fever, and hot flash.

Angel Baby is delighted to announce that their pillow gel mat for adults is now amongst the top ten Amazon bestsellers in the caregory of speciality medical pillows. The company specializes in manufacturing high-quality baby products. Thier cold pillow mat was initially designed for the kids and was improvised later to be used by the adults. At present, this product has received almost four hundred Amazon reviews with a decent average user ratings. Angel Baby pillow gel mat is currently selling in Amazon for just $27.95.

Angel Baby informs that the primary objective behind designing their cold pillow was to be soft on the skin of the users and ensure a good night’s rest for them. Made of an ultra-comfortable cotton-blend, these cooling pads contour to the body and the pillow. Unlike many other similar  products that use water as the coolant, these pillows are filled with a safe gel that doesn’t leak. Users looking to enhance the cooling effect of the pads can put these cooling pads on the refrigerator for a while. These pads were have relieved many users from migraine, neck pain, fever, and hot flash.

A pleased user mentions in his Amazon review, “The pad is nice and large……no seams to feel against your face….the surface is nice and smooth, especially with the soft pillow case that it comes with…. It is very cool to the touch even without being in the refrigerator….It is great for my hot flashes during the night. I bought cheaper pads that were not nearly as cold and the cool didn’t last nearly as long. I would definitely recommend this for anyone dealing with night sweats. I am very pleased! I haven’t even tried putting into the fridge yet!”

Reacting to the product’s excellent performance in Amazon, a senior Angel Baby official stated, “This is certainly a great feeling for anyone associated to Angel Baby. However, we are extremely confident about this product and expect to achieve much more in the near future.”

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