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MAS2TV Announces New Prime Time Line-up for 2016-2017

MAS2TV unveils its 2016-2017 primetime lineup, featuring a mix of new and classic series, which includes comedy, reality TV and drama. The network will also feature two magazine series both of which have been wildly popular and have been receiving rave reviews. Joining the lineup will be an international feature film night showcasing several international independent films. The network’s original series, Peace2 will anchor its new offerings.

The new season will launch on August 1st at 9pm EST. The Hardweares will kick off the new lineup. In this comedic reality series family and music meet home and garden. The Hardweares aren’t your typical couple. It’s a celebrity living with a hardnosed business woman who is trying to live a somewhat normal life. But what Ruby considers normal is very different from what Everton is accustomed to. The series is built around veteran singer, songwriter, producer and promoter Singing Melody (Everton Hardweare) and his wife Ruby Robinson Hardweare, who is an IT and Telecommunications Executive; an unlikely couple who met and fell in love some 10 years ago. They are both passionate about their individual careers and despite having diverse viewpoints their love for each other has kept them going. Singing Melody has been in the music industry for decades. His first hit was a reggae cover of the R&B single “Shower Me With Your Love”. The series was shot on locations in Jamaica, USA and Canada. 

Westwood Park – Lights, Camera, Bacchanal will take center stage on the network’s throwback Tuesdays. Westwood Park weaves the story of the Dusoleil and Gunn-Munroe families, whose affluent lifestyles and picture-perfect smiles become less than idyllic on closer inspection. The manipulative and power-hungry Herbert dominates the Gunn-Munroe clan, while the conscientious and upstanding Jonathan heads the Dusoleil family. Set in lush and luxurious locations rarely seen in Caribbean dramas, Westwood Park is driven by the universal topics of love, hate, power, lust, greed, corruption, romance, heartbreak and the strive for social justice and consciousness. TV boss Danielle Dieffenthaller — co-creator, producer, director, editor, storyline developer, is the driving force behind Westwood Park. The series has aired in 17 Caribbean territories, including Belize, Suriname and Guyana, and in New York. 

Currently, the network’s first original series holds the Wednesday spot and will maintain its original time slot. Peace2 was developed out of a strong desire to give viewers a space where they could retreat to feel inspired, have their minds nourished and feel alive. Created out of the desire to heal, grow and harness soulful experiences, and seek truth. Peace2 is a series unlike any other, devoted to bridging the physical, emotional, and spiritual parts of our being. Combining spiritual growth, meditation, truth, health and longevity are just a few ways that Peace2 will seek to gain new revelations on what you see and that which will inspire its viewers. As the theme song aptly suggests, come follow host and co-creator Dr. Guldal Caba as she takes viewers on a spiritual journey around the world. The series is filmed entirely on location from Africa to North America and the Caribbean.

To help viewers get ready for the weekend, the network will air back to back magazine series. Caribbean Vibrations is a weekly 1/2-hour entertainment show. Each week we feature various Caribbean Events, Carnivals, Music & Food Festivals, Business Profiles and others things pertinent to the Caribbean Diaspora and people who love the Caribbean. A welcome addition to the Caribbean community in Canada, Europe and parts of the Caribbean for the last ten years, Caribbean Vibrations brings new concepts in showcasing Caribbean culture with a different spirit. Fashion Week will follow Caribbean Vibrations on the line up. It is currently the most watched show on the network and covers all the most fashionable events from start to finish in the West Indies. 

Rounding out the week, the network will continue in the spirit of getting you prepared for the weekend. Add some health and wellness, a dash of entertainment and sprinkle in one unconventional chef and you have a recipe for success. The network will launch its first cooking series. Host and creator Chris De La Rosa is a self-taught chef originally from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago who now resides in North America. However, his reach is far more global that one would expect. Caribbean Pot was born out of the need to not deprive global cultures of Caribbean flavors, combined with preserving recipes and traditions handed down to him from his ancestors and eventually ensuring that his daughters would inherit such traditions. Family is everything to Chris and now he gets to share both with viewers.

“We’re attacking the new season with a different programming strategy, one that’s geared for success and hence a lineup of provocative and innovative series and events that will cut through the clutter and continue to build on the momentum we gained with the launch of our first original series, Peace2,” said Dianne Bissoon, EVP/CCO, MAS2TV. “We can’t wait for the fall season and the chance to roll out our lineup of distinctive, groundbreaking programming, scheduled with the kind of lead-in support which will give each of our new and existing shows the optimum chance to find their audiences and deliver on their outstanding potential.”

Most recently MAS2TV was awarded Best Region Focused Digital Media Broadcaster at 2016 Telecoms Awards – Technology. Media. Telecoms. A proud accomplishment for a network that’s less than a year old. The award ceremony will take place in United Kingdom this fall.  

The new lineup will launch August 1at 9pm EST. MAS2TV is available on all four screens: TV-via Roku, Web and non-connected devices such as IOS and Android apps.


 9:00PM The Hardweares (Season Premiere)


 9:00PM Westwood Park (Season Premiere)


 9:00PM Peace2 (Original Series)

10:00PM International Independent Feature Film Night (Season Premiere)


 9:00PM Caribbean Vibrations (Season Premiere)

 9:30PM Fashion Week (Season Premiere)


 9:00PM Caribbean Pot (Season Premiere)

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