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Author’s Tranquility Presents “Wake up America – Water and Energy (WE)”

Author’s Tranquility Presents "Wake up America - Water and Energy (WE)"
A Thought-Provoking Call to Action by Charlie Pedersen

Author Charlie Pedersen invites you to embark on a transformative journey with his groundbreaking book, “Wake Up America – Water and Energy (WE)”. Published by Author’s Tranquility Press, this thought-provoking exploration challenges conventional wisdom and calls for a new era of positive growth, worldwide cooperation, and sustainable practices.

In this eye-opening book, Pedersen takes readers on a global odyssey, uncovering the essential steps required to elevate our society and create a more harmonious and prosperous world. With the planet hurtling towards a population of nine billion, it is imperative that we embrace a twenty-first-century refresh and move away from the outdated paradigms of the past.

“Since we dominantly have been trying to find the ‘best’ solution, it’s time to enable all the ‘clean’ alternatives,” says Charlie Pedersen, author of “Wake up America – Water and Energy (WE)”. “We need government leadership to change the direction, as our current oil and gas-dominated society is hindering progress.”

Drawing upon extensive research and firsthand experiences, Pedersen emphasizes the urgency of enabling diverse refueling options to empower citizens to choose the energy sources that align with their values. By providing service station tax credits, the book argues that we can finance this transition and end the corporate welfare payments that currently sustain the oil and gas industry.

Wake up America – Water and Energy (WE)”, demonstrates that by embracing clean energy solutions and redirecting our resources, the United States can retain its energy leadership and avoid becoming a follower nation. Failure to act will result in financial dependence on other nations, such as China, India, and Europe, compromising our economic stability.

Pedersen asserts, “Our change will open up the entrepreneurial energy in our people and result in wide-open, growing markets. It is the only way to expand our economy and overcome the twenty-one trillion dollar tax deficit while avoiding the impending recession we are currently racing towards.”

With its bold proposals and comprehensive analysis, “Wake up America – Water and Energy (WE) serves as a wake-up call to individuals, policymakers, and leaders to take immediate action to secure a brighter future for the nation and the world.

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About the Author

Charlie Pedersen is a passionate advocate for sustainable practices and global cooperation. As an author and visionary, he seeks to inspire positive change and guide society towards a future characterized by clean energy, economic growth, and environmental stewardship. Pedersen’s extensive travels and research inform his unique perspective on the pressing issues facing our world today.

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