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Award-Winning Key-Lock Technology That Uses One Key For All Locks

A Unique Key-Lock Technology with Outstanding Design & Features

Ovio is an award-winning revolutionary key-lock design that can use one key to unlock all locks using a combination of password functionality and standard key safety. Ovio is a key that uses the ‘one-key for all’ system with products such as PairLock, PairLock – Padlock, PairLock – Keyed-in Door Lock, and PairLock – Deadbolt. The technology is currently undergoing crowdfunding campaign on in order to raise funds in achieving its goal.

In today’s world, there are virtually many lockers and doors to unlock, the traditional system of carrying many locks around has never been convenient with people losing keys to locks, needing re-key, and sometimes causing severe damages to locks, etc.

To those who share access or are going back-to-school, Ovio key technology is one priority you can afford. The technology brings solutions to all these problems in just one design, making it must prescription for students who usually lose their locker and bicycle keys. It is easy to manage and will greatly improve locking systems and enhance lock-safety. In an event of loss of the key, one doesn’t need to replace the lock, another Ovio key can be used to open your locks with your own combination of digit wheels, hence providing a worry-free solution.

The key is designed by Ovio Company Limited, an international company dedicated to mold design and design-oriented creative Identity systems. The company has accumulated more than 600 design cases, mainly in the main mold design, development to product design, combined with a wealth of experience in mold design, including the appearance of the Identity design, mechanical design, model making, production agents, taking into consideration the market demand for products, manufacturing costs, product value, unique concept for enterprises to achieve possessed leading brand design.

Right from the original design concept, Ovio has been re-engineering and re-modifying this product to reach its best features, which is why the company has requested for crowdfunding in a bid to enable the company to fulfil its machining/molding partners’ payment terms consequent upon which instant production is expected to begin.

For more information, please visit their website at, and to support this project, please visit the project link at–3/x/13764612#/

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Company Name: Ovio Company Limited
Contact Person: Sean Sheih
Phone: +886-2-2908-3969
Address:6F., No.649-5, Zhongzheng Rd., Xinzhuang Dist.
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