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Billionaire Concierge offers high end luxury concierge services for the rich

18 Apr, 2016 – It’s tough being super-rich. You are desperate to get your hands on one of the world’s most intricate watches – a $55,000 Louis Moinet Limited Edition New York watch– but there is a seven-year waiting list. 

What’s a millionaire to do? Call global concierge company Billionaire Concierge,obviously.

It’s an example of what Billionaire Concierge does, according to chief executive Ash. ‘We managed to get the watch for our member in just two hours, and for $13,000 less than the specified budget’ he says proudly. 

‘That’s the classic concierge model: getting things done in a timely fashion for time-poor, but relatively wealthy individuals.’

‘Concierge company’ is the official term, but Billionaire Concierge is perhaps best seen as a personal problem solver.

However, Billionaire Concierge is keen to point out that ‘we’re not just about luxury watches’. For an annual membership fee, it will find you that hard-to-get theatre ticket, exclusive restaurant table or rare luxury item and, perhaps, will even help to get your child into your school of choice.

In the words of Chief Executive Ash:

“The Billionaire Concierge is one of the world’s leading and most powerful luxury concierge services. Our team of professional stylists and leisure guides are sought-after by both individuals in the public eye and those who understandably prefer to maintain a discreet distance from flash bulbs and video cameras.

The Billionaire Concierge has an international network with partners in every major city around the globe. We are very well connected, know every inside spot and can get you anything you like. With over 10 years experience The Billionaires Concierge has fulfilled more than 5,000 wishes of its clients around the world. Members get access to their own personal assistant, concierge-service and thousands of travel benefits and perks.

Membership to The Billionaire Concierge is by invitation only, which is part of what makes it unique, and exclusive. Companies can apply for a corporate account to value their vip clients or their executives. The Billionaire Concierge offers its members a unique and unparalleled luxury service. The service can be used free of charge. The wishes and dreams of every member will be fulfilled regardless how extraordinary they might be and regardless of where they live.”

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