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ChalkTastic Starts the Implementation of New Annual Business Plan for their Chalk Marker Pens.

ChalkTastic has just started the implementation of their new annual business plan. This business plan is currently being implemented for their flagship product Chalk Marker Pens.

1st Aug, 2016 – ChalkTastic is pleased to reveal that the implementation phase of their recently announced annual business plan has just got underway. At this stage, this business plan will be implemented only for the company’s inaugural product Chalk Marker Pens.These chalk markers were launched approximately one year ago, and have already received more than sixteen hundred reviews from the Amazon reviews. It is also an Amazon bestseller in the product category of stencil ink. The new annual business plan makes several recommendations that will be implemented over the next one year.

Each pack of ChalkTastic Chalk Marker comprises of eight differently colored chalk pens that utilize a super-concentrated liquid chalk. With a very high ink capacity, these markers can outlast most of the similar products available in the market. All materials used in manufacturing this product are non-toxic and odor free, making it suitable for the little children. The satisfied clientele of this product also includes many teachers that have used the product as a teaching supply in preschool, kindergarten, high school and colleges. However, the largest segment of the product’s users is the creative individuals interested in writing and decorating on different types of non-porous surfaces.

In a recently published Amazon review, the reviewer states, “Oh my gosh…I absolutely love this product! I’ve always wanted to try chalk markers but never thought I would like them. The first one I used them I fell in love. They are super easy to get started, and super easy to write with, and super easy to take off. Yes the whole process is super easy! I write on my mirror all the time, and take it off with a tissue. The colors are wonderful, and I can’t say anything bad about this product other than I wish I would have tried it sooner.”   

Talking about the new annual business plan for the product, a senior official from ChalkTastic stated, “ After a great start in Amazon, we want this product to do even better in the next one year. This business plan provides a series of guidelines to take this product where we want it to be after one year. The implementation stage has started, and several changes are coming up very soon.”

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ChalkTastic is an organization dedicated to delivering high-quality accessories made of chalk. Three products from the company are now selling successfully at

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