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Cinemics launches kids learning program using Digital comics and superheroes

Cinemics has announced the launch of a unique platform that is meant to teach young children computer programming skills along with science and Math to kids using the digital comics and superheroes. The unique platform is created to induce learning in kids using entertaining methods which make learning experience more effective and long lasting for the young children.

Cinemics has launched their project on Indiegogo with a goal of $10,000 to get the project live. The funds will be used to invest in the cost of illustrating the comic books along with mass production and marketing the comic book series.

Teaching the young kids, with the means of comic books will help in engaging them more and get their undivided attention. Also, considering that Marvel and other comics are gaining increasing popularity among the children; Cinemics has come out with this innovative idea to make education fun and interesting for them.

Cinemics is based on three main components that are motivation, accountability, and creativity. Each course will have a comic strip in it to grab the attention of the member and it’ll stop at a suspense juncture while to proceed further the member will have to watch educational tutorial videos related to science, math or coding. The member will be able to watch the exciting comic strip only after they watch the educational video.

Completing different section of the course will reward the members with superhero power points and they have a chance to get displayed on the leader board weekly, monthly and yearly. The user can take a number of courses and earn more super power points to become a leader in the scoreboard and lead the superhero team.

The user also gets a chance to create their own superhero, create costumes and sidekick character whenever they complete an important section of the course which boosts creativity among the children. Cinemics consist of a team of creative professionals who have created their own superheroes named ‘Rudra’ and ‘Agni’ among others.

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