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European Trademark Lawyer Robert Meyen Expands Services to U.S. Clients with Launch of New Dedicated Website

European Trademark Lawyer Robert Meyen Expands Services to U.S. Clients with Launch of New Dedicated Website
Certified IP specialist Robert Meyen aims to facilitate American business success in Europe.

European Trademark Lawyer Robert Meyen, a seasoned and certified intellectual property attorney based in Germany, has recently unveiled a new online platform catering specifically to U.S. clients at With extensive experience handling hundreds of trademark applications and disputes, Meyen is positioned to provide comprehensive legal support to American businesses seeking success in the European market.

At European Trademark Lawyer Robert Meyen, clients benefit from the expertise of a team well-versed in European Intellectual Property law. The firm specializes in guiding American businesses through the European Patent and Trademark Office (EUIPO) complexities. Meyen’s unique position as a certified IP specialist in Germany allows for efficient representation and support tailored to the needs of non-European clients.

European “Mailbox” Service for Seamless Communication with EUIPO

For non-European clients, effective communication with the EUIPO requires a local presence. Meyen acts as an American client’s European “mailbox,” ensuring timely and efficient updates on intellectual property matters. This personalized service ensures that U.S. clients are well-informed and have a dedicated advocate in navigating European legal processes.

Comprehensive Enforcement of American Brands in Europe

Meyen is committed to safeguarding the intellectual property rights of American businesses in Europe. From warning letters to cease-and-desist declarations, injunctions, and legal actions, Meyen’s firm has a proven track record in enforcing trademarks effectively on the European front.

European IP Representation Services include highlights like:

1. Trademark Registration and Enforcement: From registration to enforcement, Meyen handles the entire process, diligently protecting brand identities in the European market.

2. Litigation Support: The firm provides robust litigation support, representing American clients in European courts and leveraging expertise for a strong defense or pursuit of claims.

Why Choose European Representation?

Securing European representation ensures global protection for intellectual property. Meyen and his team offer local insight into European IP laws while understanding the global impact of intellectual property rights. The firm acts as a bridge between legal systems, providing comprehensive solutions for American clients.

American businesses seeking European opportunities and protection are encouraged to contact European Trademark Attorney Robert Meyen for a consultation. The dedicated team is committed to delivering tailored legal solutions to meet unique needs.

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