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First Easter Newborns Clean Up With a Treat of Bamboo Baby Washcloths

“Bamboo Washcloths for Babies Are As Soft As the Easter Bunny!”

Easter Sunday 2016 falls early this year on March 27th and for many families it will be the first Easter for themselves and their newborn child. Like the first anniversary of any event, first Christmas, first birthday and first Easter, it will be a special celebration of a new chapter in the life of a family whether the newborn is the first, second or third child to arrive. So why not mark the occasion with a special memento or, if the family celebrating is not your own, a small gift to show that this special event has been recognised.

Chris O’Brien, spokesperson for Bamboo Washcloth manufacturer SiMignon explained, “Easter is special for families with newborn babies and experiencing this holiday as a family unit for the first time or with an addition to the family for the first time is an event to be celebrated and remembered, and small gifts are just a part of this experience. We would like to think that our warm pastel colors and the incredible softness of the Bamboo Rayon washcloths make them an ideal way to mark this first Easter celebration and also add a little luxury to the Baby’s daily routine.”

“They’re as soft as the Easter bunny you know!” Chris added with a smile.

The SiMignon Bamboo washcloths for babies are made from Bamboo rayon. The process of extracting the cellulose material from the fibres of the bamboo stalks means that the resulting woven material is incredibly soft, whilst staying thin enough to handle, allowing you to reach all the necessary places when washing your baby. An extra added benefit of bamboo rayon is the high wicking nature of Bamboo rayon material. This is the ability of the fabric to draw moisture away from the skin and makes drying a baby a simple and pleasurable experience for both baby and parent.

Chris O’Brien continued, “We like to think that the SiMignon Bamboo baby washcloths are able to be both celebratory and practical for families at this time of year. The soft pastel colors and ribbon tied washcloths undoubtedly make an appropriate small Easter gift for any newborn baby experiencing Easter for the first time and we would like to think that the quality and effectiveness of our washcloths in practical terms will also benefit the family for the rest of the year.”

The SiMignon Bamboo Baby Washcloths Set of Six is available to purchase exclusively from Amazon USA. The set of six washcloths comes in white and green, (three washcloths each color), and each is tied with a soft white ribbon. For a limited period during its launch it may be possible to purchase at a discount to the RRP, (recommended retail price).


SiMignon are manufacturers and distributors of The Bamboo Baby Washcloth Set of 6 Gift Set for Babies and Newborns.

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