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Presidential Cognac and Armagnac Collection to Be Auctioned at Christie’s

Breda, The Netherlands – March 24, 2016 – A unique collection of Presidential liquor is headed to auction at Christie’s in New York City on April 13, 2016. This exemplary lot features 39 bottles of Cognac and  Armagnac, each dating to a United States presidential term of office, from 1789 to 1977. The starting bid is set at one hundred thousand dollars.

The auction is scheduled for 11 a.m. on April 13, 2016 at Christie’s at 20 Rockefeller Center, New York City. An auction catalog may be viewed online.

The vintage bottles are part of the 6,000-bottle-$15 million-collection of Dutchman, Bay van der Bunt, who has been collecting rare liquors for more than 40 years. This is believed to be the largest collection of its kind in the world. Asked about the sale, Van der Bunt replied; “The process of selling them is exciting, but I will be very sad to see them go.”

Journey through the ages

Called “The American Presidential Collection,” the lot to be sold includes a bottle produced during the tenure of each American president, from George Washington in 1789 to Jimmy Carter in 1977. Among the bottles to be sold at auction are a 1789 Grande Champagne Cognac (George Washington), a 1840 Cognac A.E. Dor (Martin van Buren), a 1842 Cognac Meukow (John Tyler), a 1865 Cognac Marnier-Lapostolle (Abraham Lincoln) and a 1884 Cognac Courvoisier (Chester A. Arthur).

The Presidential Connection

The Marquis de Lafayette brought cognac with him when he crossed the Atlantic to assist George Washington in America’s fight for Independence. Thomas Jefferson witnessed the onset of the French Revolution and developed an appreciation for Cognac. The Louisiana Purchase negotiated with cognac connoisseur Napoleon doubled U.S. territory at the bargain price of $15 million. The Americanization of New Orleans transformed the Big Easy from Cognac and Armagnac sophistication to a beer-and-bourbon frontier town.

Cognac played a role in important strategies and tactics to help the United States, France, and their allies win World War II. Architect of the European union and scion of the famous cognac family, Jean Monnet served as an advisor to President Franklin Roosevelt. The resulting lend-lease program stimulated the U.S. economy and produced critical war material for the British and French fight against Nazi Germany. It has been reported that General (and future president) Dwight Eisenhower sipped Cognac with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, as they planned the D-Day invasion that would liberate France.

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About Old Liquors

Old Liquors is one of the world’s largest traders of classic liquors and other rare spirits. The Netherlands-based company scours the globe to find rare bottles for investors and collectors.

About Christie’s

London-based Christie’s, founded in 1766, is one of the world’s leading auction houses, specializing in fine art and collectibles. They have 12 branches throughout the world, from Hong Kong to Paris. The New York City salesroom is situated in Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan.

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