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Geothermal Design Firm Now Offering Geo Maintenance

The Geo Guy, which has quickly made a name for itself in the renewable energy industry, recently announced the company now offers geothermal repair and maintenance services for geo companies and homeowners. This announcement had been expected for a while but it was still positively received within the renewable energy community, in particular geothermal adherents.

“For a while now we’ve become known for our geothermal consulting service, and we still offer consulting designs, but we decided to expand our services,” says Chris Snyder, company spokesperson. “We spent a lot of time planning this and based on the initial feedback, the response has been very good.” Asked if the company was surprised at the positive reaction they have received, Snyder replied, “We’re very happy with the response, but we’re not really surprised as there’s really been a demand for it.”

The market for alternative and free energy has grown rapidly, and nowhere is this more evident than in the geothermal sector. The popularity of geo systems is easy to understand: it is cost effective, reliable, efficient and renewable. However, to make the most out of these systems, maintenance is a must, something the Geo Guy understands.

“When geothermal units run properly, you can exchange energy using heat pumps effectively and improve efficiency by up to 400%. But the only way that’s going to happen is if the system operates smoothly,” Snyder says. “The physics behind the way geothermal energy works is easy to understand, but the systems behind them are complex and need to function together.”

Experts agree with this assessment. Geothermal energy works based on the principles of physics, but the complexity comes from the measurements, controls, electrical systems, pump devices and other contraptions. If any of these components break down, it’s going to affect the overall performance of the system.

“Our team of experts know geothermal systems inside out, and they are highly trained in the field of geothermal systems and the process behind it. With our annual maintenance program, our team will make sure all the pumps work and turn as they should, the parameters are measured and both ground and load loops are evaluated.”

Snyder also pointed the company offers a thorough inspection along with its geothermal service. In a briefing with the media it was mentioned that the inspection package includes a thorough evaluation of the air temps supply/return, the start capacitor value, HP flowrate and loop pressure. According to the Geo Guy spokesperson, these are only among the many services they provide.

“Here at the Geo Guy, we want to make a difference,” Snyder says. “We’re all for free and renewable energy because it’s safe and free. And with the inspection and safety services we provide we’ll make sure these systems work properly.” 

About the Geo Guy

The Geo Guy is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in the design of geothermal systems and their maintenance. Since its establishment, the company has consistently championed the use of renewable energy and ensuring systems work as smoothly as possible.

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