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High-tech electric scooter is new fitness trend for the world

With the rapid development of the world economy, all nations will also face new social problems while constantly growing, traffic and environment pollution in particular. Late 20th century to the early 21st century, there is a sharp contradiction between the rapid development of urban and serious lag in road construction. Almost all major cities have encountered the central city traffic congestion or even paralysis. Even members of the public complained poor traffic jam in developed international metropolis such as New York, Tokyo. And Ottawa, Bangkok, Mexico City, Los Angeles, London are named “The famous blocking cities”. 

US congestion survey showed that: the worst traffic jams is in Los Angeles, the average annual traffic jam  reached 72 hours while in Atlanta, San Francisco is also up to 60 hours, Virgin is the lightest level Blas ?for average eight hours of traffic jams. And Moscow is also suffering from a urbanization disease, there are also 35w automobile on the roads every day with daily average of 650 times of traffic jam, and the driver wasted 11 hours per month on average. Texas Transportation Institute estimates that traffic congestion caused more than 40 billion losses for US economic each year. One culprit of daily traffic jams is a increasing number of private car. As countries increasing levels of urbanization, people’s income levels rising, travel structure of residents has undergone tremendous changes, ownership of private cars is growing rapidly. 

In China, since its reform and opening up of the amount of private car ownership maintain sustained growth, as of 2011, the country has a capacity of 4322w vehicles for private cars. The situation is exactly the same in all countries. Hence?car exhaust emissions and excessive consumption of petroleum resources resulted in increasingly serious environmental and energy problems.

Nowadays?the control vehicle emissions and alternative energy sources of oil, as well as ease urban traffic congestion has become a national problem to be solved. Therefore, governments around the world in recent decades has been committed to the efforts to develop and promote the use of a variety of low-emission or zero-emission, more portable means of transport, in order to tackle air pollution and traffic congestion. Electric vehicles based on electricity as an energy source, a motor vehicle driven by a motor, the electric car is a typical zero-emission vehicles, is currently the most potential for development of green transport. Worldwide electric car has dazzling styles, greatly bit of models abound. And because of the battery limitation and high cost, a lot of electric cars can’t do mass production and application. So consumers find an electric car with simple operation, stylish cool, safety and security is not it hard to do?

Shenzhen Acetech Technology Co., Ltd had produced folding electric scooter, browse this Electric Scooter, you’ll find when it unfolded it look like a letter K, folding Like Letter I, This design are great for the city, on beach, bicycle roads, garden, park, university, etc.  For exploring the outdoors and ET portable scooter that can be easily folded for travelling convenience. Acetech Scooters are powered by advanced Samsung lithium-ion batteries that charge within 2-3 hours, using very little electricity. This makes them not only environmentally friendly, but also friendly on your budget. With each ride, you’ll feel a renewed connection to the great outdoors and feel energized.

The Benefits of an ACETECH ET Scooter Electric Scooter or Electric bikes

An electric based Acetech Scooter will change everything you thought you knew about cycling. You’ll be able to drive anywhere without feeling overexerted, travelling further and faster than you’ve ever dreamed. Being able to relax and feel the breeze in your face without any effort that is how you’ll feel all the time. Acetech Scooter motor is designed to be very less maintenance, smooth and quiet.

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Acetech Scooter will let you enjoy easy, enjoyable and healthy commuting without costly, polluting automobiles and a fun and relaxing leisure activity in the beautiful outdoors

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