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International Process Solutions Achieves ISO 17025 Field Calibration Accreditation

International Process Solutions Achieves ISO 17025 Field Calibration Accreditation

San Diego, CA – International Process Solutions (IPS), a leading provider of calibration services, is proud to announce that it has obtained accreditation for ISO 17025 field calibration. This esteemed recognition demonstrates IPS’s commitment to delivering high-quality calibration services that meet internationally recognized standards.

ISO 17025 is the global standard for competence in testing and calibration laboratories. It establishes rigorous requirements for the technical competence, impartiality, and consistent operation of calibration providers. By achieving ISO 17025 accreditation for field calibration, IPS has demonstrated its adherence to the highest industry standards, ensuring accurate and reliable measurement results.

As an accredited calibration provider, IPS offers a wide range of field calibration services to industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, aerospace, and more. The company’s highly skilled technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment and follow stringent procedures to calibrate a variety of instruments, including pressure gauges, temperature sensors, flow meters, and electrical instruments, among others.

Obtaining ISO 17025 field calibration accreditation validates IPS’s technical competence, proficiency, and commitment to continuous improvement. The rigorous assessment process involved an in-depth evaluation of the company’s management system, documentation, measurement capabilities, and traceability, ensuring that IPS operates at the highest level of quality and accuracy.

“We are delighted to have achieved ISO 17025 field calibration accreditation,” said a representative of International Process Solutions. “This accreditation is a testament to our team’s dedication to providing reliable and precise calibration services to our valued clients. It reinforces our commitment to excellence and positions us as a trusted partner in the calibration industry.”

The ISO 17025 field calibration accreditation further strengthens IPS’s position as a leader in the calibration field. Clients can have full confidence in the accuracy and reliability of IPS’s calibration services, knowing that their equipment is calibrated by an accredited provider with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

About International Process Solutions:

International Process Solutions is a full service calibration service that also handles documentation and validations. The company was founded by persons whom had previously worked in the biotech and pharma industries after becoming frustrated with not only industry wide procedures but a a general lack of enthusiasm for customers as well. Everyone working at IPS has worn the same shoes and shouldered the frustrations that their customers have. IPS provides the most comprehensive, dependable, and precise calibration services in California.

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