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Internationally Acclaimed Musician DUVII Celebrates America’s Independence Day with a Message of Unity and Empathy

Los Angeles, CA – July 1st, 2023 – Internationally recognized musician and social advocate DUVII is set to commemorate America’s Independence Day in a special way this July 4th. Known for her innovative blend of rock, pop, and indie music, DUVII aims to mark the occasion with a message of unity, resilience, and empathy, attributes that she embodies through her music and life’s work.

With her multifaceted artistry deeply rooted in her global experiences across six different countries, DUVII believes in the power of music to bridge divides and inspire meaningful change. On this Fourth of July, she hopes to use her platform to echo the sentiment of unity and freedom, key elements represented by the celebration.

“This July 4th, let’s remember the values that brought us together as a nation: freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness,” says DUVII. “Let us use this occasion to celebrate our diversity and promote understanding, making our society more compassionate and harmonious.”

DUVII also promises the upcoming release of new music. Although details of the release are yet to be disclosed, fans can expect songs filled with soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt storytelling – trademarks of DUVII’s unique style.

The celebration is an extension of DUVII’s commitment to use music as a catalyst for change. She continues to craft songs that shed light on pressing global issues, aiming to ignite conversations that lead to meaningful action.

Follow DUVII on social media @i_duvii or visit her official website to stay updated on her July 4th plans and other upcoming projects. She invites everyone to join her in commemorating America’s Independence Day, a day of reflection on the nation’s history, and a moment to envision a more unified, empathetic future.


DUVII, formerly known as White Dove, is an Artista whose music resonates with the purpose of creating awareness about pressing social issues that affect our world. As a global citizen, having lived in six countries and fluent in six languages, DUVII’s artistry is deeply influenced by her travels and her unwavering commitment to making a positive change. Prior to her musical endeavors, DUVII worked as a medic, providing vital assistance to those in dire need. This experience fostered her passionate drive to combat human and organ trafficking, while also advocating for victims of violence, war, famine, inequality, and other injustices. Choosing to remain anonymous, DUVII ensures that the focus remains on the messages within her music.

Her own recording studio serves as a sanctuary for her creative process, where she weaves together soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics that serve as a catalyst for change. DUVII has established a program that enables individuals worldwide who have endured suffering to request a personalized song. Whether dedicated to someone dear or to deliver a powerful message, DUVII crafts each song with compassion, incorporating the requester’s name to honor their experiences. These requests are meticulously filtered to align with her mission and amplify the voices of the voiceless.

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