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Internationally Renowned PI’s Bob Kresson and Vinny Parco Team Up with Dr. Shellie Hipsky to Support the “Global Sisterhood”

There may not be a more inspiring place on the planet than New York City on a Saturday night. One can feel the buzz, the electricity of the populace as the city is about to erupt.

Not only with the typical Saturday night celebrations but celebrations of innovation, promotion of new ideas, and even the brave and spectacular push for social change. Some dream to promote themselves, their companies, their ideas while others try to change the world; just one step at a time.

This is what Dr. Shellie Hipsky hopes to achieve by forming the “Global Sisterhood”. A organization empowering women from around the world so they can unite to support, love, and inspire each other to be great. For example, Dr. Hipskyre calls one woman from Pakistan whose story resonates with her movement. “This woman wears a veil and lives in a male dominated society. In a land where many women are denied education, she has a master’s degree. Many are not allowed to be employed, but she works as a women’s rights activist through SAWERA.” Women like her can inspire others to achieve, and thanks to the “Global Sisterhood” that Dr. Hipsky is cultivating she will. What better place to kick it all off than a true hub of inspiration, New York City.

Making the trip up to the “Big Apple” all the way from the “Steel City” was Pittsburgh’s very own Robert Kresson, CEO of Empire Investigations LLC who met up with New York’s legendary Vinny Parco of the T.V. series Parco PI. These accomplished and experienced PI’s have seen everything from corporate espionage and bugged corporate offices to more than 20,000 cases of domestic infidelity.

Witnessing and understanding his female client’s struggles with their experiences is what has lured Kresson to support the “Global Sisterhood”. Kresson states, “I’ve seen and done my best to help thousands of women who have been in abusive relationships, both physically and emotionally, where their spouses have done basically everything to break them. Dr. Hipsky’s organization promotes a fantastic message that no matter what you have gone through in your life as a woman, you are loved and can accomplish anything.”

Learn more about Dr. Hipsky’s global movement by visiting her online at and be sure to check out Robert Kresson and his agency at to get the proof YOU need.

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