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Khoj Indya helps discover the best strategy to make money through online marketing

23 Mar, 2016 – Maybe you aren’t sure if such a world even exists or not, but guess what, it does, and it’s huge. Although there are numerous scams online and a surprisingly large number of people throughout the world fall prey to such scams each and every year, there also seem to be some highly genuine opportunities to make money online.

However, as of late, the trends in the field seem to be witnessing some drastic changes. What once used to work as a “successful strategy” hardly yields any results now. Similarly, what many used to consider as the “impractical” approach to making money online seems to be working wonders for many now.

We know this all has ended up confusing you, so maybe we should just stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point. Well, if you couldn’t guess, what we meant by the “once” successful strategy was a hard, brutal approach to monetize online traffic.

According to Kartikeya Sharma, few years back, many internet marketers would spam hard to make people click their affiliate links or sell something, and walk off with their pockets full. However, as the years went by, people browsing the internet became considerably smarter, and now many can instantly recognize a spamming attempt as soon as they come across one.

On the other hand, the so called impractical approach, which was considered to be trying to offer something of a real value to people and build a loyal customer/fan base over time, seems to have become much more effective now.

When people offer something of value, it develops trust and makes the visitors come back for more. This process, over a period of time, helps build reputation and a brand image, meaning that you won’t have to get into a hit or a miss game each and every day, but instead can look forward to a lot of passive business you would gain thanks to the word-of-mouth advertising.

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