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Killeen’s First Movie Production Company To Shoot First Theatrical Production This Summer

Killeen’s first movie production company Cinemahill Productions would soon shoot its first 6K theatrical production “1040 Not so EZ” in June. The production will mostly take place in Killeen and includes a great selection of local actors

Killeen, Texas – 21st April, 2016: Killeen’s first & only movie Production Company Cinemahill Productions is soon to shoot its first 6K theatrical production “1040 Not so EZ” coming this summer. The company is driven towards its “Killeen to Big Screen” campaign with the mission to bring the film community to the region & to make the area film friendly.

Last February, Cinemahill was brought to Killeen and the casting call started this March. The shooting would start from June, 2016.

The film revolves around a Ponzi scheme, which turns sour as one Army Sergeant, & his friends try to outsmart the public and government to strike gold. It has a satirical angle to it.

“We are excited to announce that we are soon starting the production of our first film ‘1040 Not so EZ’ in June. With the majority of shooting to be carried out in the Killeen area and with a great list of local actors, we are hopeful to bring in new film revenue as well as great job opportunities for the locals here. Killeen is so full of talent and it’s our dream to spread the word about the wonderful potential here,” stated a leading spokesperson from Cinemahill.

Cinemahill is an endeavor by Andre Hillard and his wife Lucrisa Hillard. Along with his prolonged background in military operations spanning across 2 decades and more, Andre has earned a Master’s in Entertainment Business & Management. A man of versatile talents, he has been a photojournalist for a newspaper and radio station and has also owned a photography company focused on entertainment professionals. Mrs. Hillard is a former model who has also served in a managerial position previously and presently handles business operations at Cinemahill.

It was Andre who penned the story & screenplay of the film and he is hopeful to entertain with his humor & writing appeal. The plot for “1040 Not so EZ” is partly inspired by Andre’s military experience while helping Soldiers at an on-post tax outlet.

“It was something really interesting for me,” noted Andre while discussing about his first tryst at a screenplay. “So, I took to it and added some twists and turns & stories inspired by my career in military & gave it an urbanized feel.”

Added to lead roles, the movie has got more than 20 speaking roles as well as roles for extras and the Hillards selected most of their actors from the local Killeen community.

The film is to be directed by David H. Nguyen of Houston, who is quite impressed by the talent of the local Killeen actors who came for the auditions of “1040 Not so EZ”.

“Everybody has his or her own magic & we are looking forward to that,” remarked David.

The Hillards are planning to showcase their first production at 2017 Sundance Film Festival and SXSW.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Cinema Hill Productions
Contact Person: Andre Hillard
Phone: (254) 415-7246
Address:80001 Travis Street, Unit 2, Fort Hood
City: Killeen
State: Texas
Country: United States