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Local Realtor Opens New Office in Edmonton

The Terry Paranych Real Estate Team Expands

The Terry Paranych Real Estate Team, one of the leading local realtors in Edmonton, opened a new office in the city. According to the press statement, this move is another step towards the company’s expansion plan, and the announcement was greeted warmly by industry observers who say this will only enhance their standing.

“Our company has become well known in Edmonton for our ability to deliver, and that is due to our commitment to quality and client satisfaction,” says Terry Paranych, the man who runs Paranych Real Estate. “When I started this company, it was with a personal conviction to offer the best real estate service possible, for buyers and sellers. The opening of our new office is just the latest step in that direction.”

The strong economic performance, high living standards and employment opportunities have made Edmonton attractive to a lot of people, and the latest figures show the demand for properties in and around the city continues to spike. While the demand is there, the number of adequate realtor services to cater to them is not sufficient or worse, just plain poor.

“I’ve heard a lot of complaints from property buyers about how difficult it is to find a good affordable home in Edmonton,” Paranych says. “It’s not that there aren’t attractive homes here – there are plenty – but most realtors just fail to show it to them. That is something I wanted to change. I wanted to provide reliable realtor services for buyers and sellers, and I’m happy to say the response has been very positive.”

The high demand for homes in Edmonton has raised some concerns among prospective buyers, mainly that these properties have become too expensive and they won’t be able to afford it. However, Paranych says that is not the case and it’s merely a matter of finding the right property.

“Our research shows that property prices in Edmonton aren’t that expensive. The demand is high yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach. However, unless you know your way around the market, it can take some time before you find the ideal home, and that’s where the help of a professional realtor will come in handy.”

Ever since Terry Paranych started his company, Terry Paranych Real Estate Team, it has become the favored resource of individuals in search of homes for sale in Edmonton, and he is also the one homeowners turn to when they want to sell their home. As such, his realty team has gained a solid and enviable reputation around the city.

“When I founded this company I knew it had to be different from the rest, otherwise there’s no point, so that’s what we are doing here.”

About the Terry Paranych Real Estate Team

The Terry Paranych Real Estate Team is one of the top selling real estate companies in the Edmonton AB area. Offering services for both property buyers and sellers, the company also offers its services in West Edmonton and North Edmonton.

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Company Name: Terry Paranych Real Estate Team
Contact Person: Terry Paranych
Phone: (780) 457 – 4777
Address:5603 199 St NW
City: Edmonton
State: AB
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