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Muscle story offers different workout plans as per the user’s body type

Musclestory is a health and fitness website that offers a variety of bodybuilding workout plans for different body types along with informative articles on health and fitness. The users can find useful information on complete aesthetic bodybuilding workout programs along with diet plans and motivational articles.

The website features articles on Calisthenic, Circuit Training, Supplements, and Exercise Equipment which are useful for the health and fitness enthusiasts. It focuses on aesthetic bodybuilding which includes sculpting each part of the body separately through weight lifting. To develop balanced muscles, the user is recommended to take up exercises such as barbell, dumbbell, and weight training machines.

There are a variety of ways which are developed to achieve the desired body shape yet most of the people don’t have much knowledge about the same and that leads them to choose wrong bodybuilding training. This is when Muscle story comes into light which allows the user to know about the right plan for their body type. It describes three main body types that are Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph along with the best workout routine and supplement based on the body type.

According to Muscle story, one of the best exercises for aesthetic bodybuilding is cardio exercise such as running, cycling and jumping rope among others that help in burning fat from the body. To create an appropriate aesthetic for the sport, isolation exercises can also be used which help in strengthening bone and soft tissue. This in the result helps in resisting injury and lifting big weights.

The workout plan should be chosen according to the body type mentioned above along with the level of strength so it becomes important to the user whether their body type is an ectomorphmesomorph or endomorph.

To identify the same, the website provides clear pictures of the mentioned body types. Some users may have different body types over different periods of time and for them, Muscle story suggests to analyze patterns from the past and figure out the body characteristics they have had the most.

Muscle story suggests that with aesthetic bodybuilding workout plans along with proper diet can help anyone to achieve the desired body shape, endurance level, muscle strength and better health overall. Users can also find the calisthenics workout plans suitable to their body types.

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