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New Zealand Visa Requirements For Israel Citizens


The New Zealand Visitor Visa allows individuals to enter New Zealand for tourism, visiting friends or family, attending business meetings, or participating in short-term courses or training. The requirements and application process for a New Zealand Visitor Visa can vary depending on your nationality and the purpose of your visit. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Eligibility:
    • Eligibility criteria for a New Zealand Visitor Visa depend on your nationality, the length of your stay, and your specific circumstances.
    • Citizens of certain countries may be exempt from obtaining a visitor visa and can travel to New Zealand for short stays (usually up to 90 days) without a visa. This is known as a visa waiver.
    • If you are not from a visa waiver country or plan to stay longer, you will typically need to apply for a Visitor Visa.
  2. Application Process:
    • You can apply for a New Zealand Visitor Visa online through the official New Zealand Immigration website.
    • Ensure you have a valid passport and any required supporting documents ready before you begin the application process.
  3. Supporting Documents:
    • Depending on the purpose of your visit, you may need to provide additional documents such as:
      • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay and return travel.
      • A detailed travel itinerary, including accommodation arrangements.
      • Proof of ties to your home country (e.g., employment, family, property) to demonstrate your intention to return.
  4. Health and Character Requirements:
    • You may need to undergo a medical examination and provide a police clearance certificate if you plan to stay in New Zealand for an extended period or undertake specific activities.
  5. Duration of Stay:
    • Visitor Visas can be granted for various lengths of stay, ranging from a few weeks to several months. The duration is determined by the purpose of your visit and other factors.
  6. Visa Conditions:
    • Visitor Visas may have specific conditions attached, such as restrictions on employment or study. Ensure you understand and comply with these conditions.
  7. Visa Fee:
    • There is typically a fee associated with the Visitor Visa application. The fee amount may vary depending on the type and duration of the visa.
  8. Application Processing Time:
    • Processing times for Visitor Visa applications can vary. It’s advisable to apply well in advance of your intended travel date.
  9. Visa Waiver Countries:
    • If you are from a visa waiver country, you can check the New Zealand Immigration website to see if you qualify for visa-free travel. However, even if you are visa-exempt, it’s a good idea to check the entry requirements and travel conditions before your trip.


Citizens of 190 visa-free countries, including Israeli passport holders, must get a visa waiver to enter New Zealand. The NZeTA permits eligible citizens to visit New Zealand for leisure, business, or transit purposes without the need for an embassy visa. Most tourists will need a visa or an ETA; if you have a visa waiver, you must apply for a New Zealand ETA. Israeli nationals who want to visit New Zealand for tourism and stay for less than 90 days can apply for a New Zealand Tourist eTA. On October 1, 2019, the New Zealand government formed the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (eTA). Both New Zealand tourism and transit eTAs from Israel are valid for multiple entries/transit for a total of 2 years from the date of issue. The NZ eTA application process is simple and can be completed from a computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world. Israelis do not need to go to a New Zealand embassy to apply. This is a very quick process that can be completed in minutes.


  • Valid passport: Make sure that the passport remains valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in New Zealand. It should also have one blank page available for stamping.
  • Travel dates: Your arrival and departure dates.
  • E-mail address: You will receive confirmation reference number via email. You will need it when you arrive in New Zealand. You can print it out or keep it on your phone.
  • Payment: You can use a credit or debit card to pay for the NZeTA fees.


There are many reasons to visit New Zealand! The Incredible landscapes, adrenaline pumping activities or maybe it’s Lord of the Rings that will make you want to visit New Zealand. The endless attractions on both islands are one of the best reasons to travel to New Zealand. New Zealand is one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world. Even if it’s on your travel wish list, a tourist visa is essential to really enjoy what the country has to offer. If you are coming to New Zealand on holiday, you will need an NZeTA or visitor visa. A valid passport and the right visa are important for a smooth entry into New Zealand. Your passport must be valid for at least three months after the intended date of departure and you must be in possession of a valid New Zealand visa, if applicable.

Here is an overview of some common types of New Zealand visas:

  1. Visitor Visa:
    • The New Zealand Visitor Visa is for individuals who want to visit the country for tourism, family visits, or business purposes.
    • Visitor Visas may have different durations, such as a few weeks or several months, depending on the purpose of your visit.
  2. Work Visa:
    • New Zealand offers various work visas for individuals who wish to work in the country. The type of work visa you need depends on factors like your skills, job offer, and employment category.
    • The Essential Skills Work Visa, for example, is for skilled workers with job offers in New Zealand.
  3. Student Visa:
    • If you plan to study in New Zealand, you will generally need a Student Visa.
    • You must have an acceptance offer from a recognized New Zealand education institution to apply for this visa.
  4. Residence Visa:
    • Residence visas allow individuals to live in New Zealand permanently. There are different categories of residence visas, such as Skilled Migrant, Investor, and Family categories.
    • The Skilled Migrant Category, for example, is based on a points system that considers factors like age, work experience, and qualifications.
  5. Family Visa:
    • Family members of New Zealand citizens or residents may be eligible for family visas.
    • Requirements can vary depending on the specific family relationship and category.
  6. Entrepreneur Visa:
    • The Entrepreneur Work Visa is for individuals who want to start or invest in a business in New Zealand.
    • It typically requires a business plan and a minimum investment amount.
  7. Investor Visa:
    • The Investor Visa is for individuals with significant funds to invest in New Zealand.
    • Different investment categories have different requirements, such as minimum investment amounts and timeframes.
  8. Temporary Retirement Visitor Visa:
    • This visa allows retirees to spend some time in New Zealand.
    • You need to meet specific age and income requirements to be eligible.
  9. Working Holiday Visa:
    • New Zealand offers working holiday visas to citizens of certain countries, usually for young adults.
    • These visas allow you to work and travel in New Zealand for a limited period.

Visa application processes typically involve providing supporting documents, undergoing health and character checks, and paying visa fees. Processing times and requirements can vary depending on the type of visa and your individual circumstances.


The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) is an entry requirement for travelers visiting New Zealand from visa waiver countries or those transiting through New Zealand. It was introduced to enhance border security and streamline the entry process. Here are some key points to know about the NZeTA:

  1. Eligibility:
    • The NZeTA is generally required for travelers from visa waiver countries who plan to visit New Zealand for short stays (up to 90 days) for tourism, business, or transit purposes.
    • Some travelers, such as citizens of Australia and many Pacific Island countries, are exempt from the NZeTA requirement.
  2. Application Process:
    • The NZeTA application can be completed online through the official New Zealand Immigration website or by using the New Zealand Immigration mobile app.
    • You will need to provide your passport details, travel itinerary, and some personal information during the application process.
  3. Visa Fee:
    • There is typically an application fee associated with the NZeTA. The fee amount can vary depending on whether you apply online or through the mobile app.
  4. Processing Time:
    • NZeTA applications are usually processed quickly, often within minutes to a few hours. However, it is advisable to apply at least a few days before your intended travel date to allow for any unforeseen delays.
  5. Electronic Authorization:
    • If your NZeTA application is approved, you will receive an electronic authorization linked to your passport. You will not receive a physical visa sticker or document.
    • Airline staff and immigration officials in New Zealand will verify your NZeTA electronically when you arrive.
  6. Travel Documentation:
    • Even if you have an approved NZeTA, you should still carry your passport and other necessary travel documents with you during your trip to New Zealand.
  7. Transit Passengers:
    • Travelers transiting through New Zealand to another destination may also require an NZeTA, depending on their nationality. It’s essential to check the requirements based on your specific circumstances.
  8. Health and Character Checks:
    • In some cases, travelers applying for an NZeTA may be subject to health and character checks.
  9. Validity:
    • An NZeTA is generally valid for up to two years, allowing multiple visits to New Zealand within that period.
  10. Visitor Visa vs. NZeTA:
    • If you plan to stay in New Zealand for more than 90 days or for purposes other than tourism, business, or transit, you may need to apply for a Visitor Visa rather than an NZeTA.


New Zealand is one of the world’s most coveted travel destinations. It’s a place unlike any other, with snow-capped mountains, old glaciers, rolling hills, and plenty of wine. There are fantastic educational institutes in the country that provide excellent education as well as travel opportunities. The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) scheme commenced in July 2019. It allows eligible citizens to visit New Zealand for vacation, business, or transit purposes without the need to get a visa from an embassy. You may quickly apply for a visa to New Zealand online. In contrast to several other countries, New Zealand has lax visa requirements and will give visas to competent applicants. The New Zealand eTA is valid for two years and allows numerous entry for short-term visits. To travel to New Zealand, visa-exempt nationals, as well as airline and cruise ship crews of all nations, must now hold a NZeTA.

What is the eTA New Zealand?

The NZeTA, launched in August 2019, is not a visa but has been required for entry since October 2019. New Zealand’s eTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) is an electronic travel permit for residents of visa-exempt countries. Eligible travelers can easily obtain their NZeTA and enter the nation for tourist, business, or transit purposes.

How to get a New Zealand Visa

New Zealand offers a variety of options for those looking to relocate, whether permanently or temporarily. Individuals can apply for a visa to New Zealand based on their individual needs. Before you may apply online, you must first determine whether you meet a few basic eligibility criteria. The type of visa required must be decided before completing an online application or visiting the embassy. Evidence of a person’s financial stability and level of education, as well as supporting documentation, are required. Individuals can then go to the official immigration website and apply for a visa.

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