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Stoner Train is back with their fourth studio album; launches on Kickstarter

After a two-year break a Rock band STONER TRAIN from Berlin, Germany has announced the launch of their new album. Inspired by the popularity of their third LP “III”, Serj Gdanian and Ivan Mostacci have created their fourth studio album project on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter with a goal of raising € 3,000 to cover all the recording and releasing costs.

The band originally hails from Moscow, Russia. It was founded in 2011 and best known for their Stoner/Blues/Country/Southern music. The 2 LP albums released by the band caught the attention of rock lovers in different countries. In 2013 the founder of the band Serj Gdanian moved to Berlin where he met a drummer Ivan Mostacci, from Italy, and both of them decided to work together to release their third LP “III”.

The band follows a raw and rebellious approach to music along with a blend of blues and rock ‘n’ roll. Hot slide guitar riffs, boisterous drum beats and unforgettable energetic vocals is the main strength of the band.

The fourth album promises to bring something fresh and new for the music lovers. The collaboration of Russian and Italian characters adds an extra flavor to the music produced by them.

The band is all set and prepared to develop the music tracks but converting the idea into reality requires some investment for which they have launched the campaign on Kickstarter. The amount raised from the campaign will be put into recording the tracks and bearing the cost of releasing the album.

Earlier this year, the group also launched their singles “No Money, No Home” and “I Know the End” that will be included on the new album.

The Kickstarter campaign will allow the band to develop and distribute their fourth album successfully while the backers also will get some exciting rewards.

Hurry up to catch Stoner Train!

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